It was never going to end happily (Picture: ITV)

The fight for custody of baby Alfie intensifies in upcoming Coronation Street episodes, as the pressure builds between Imran (Charlie De Melo) and Abi (Sally Carman) and explodes in dramatic style in a special week of episodes.

Abi knows that she’s been guilty of some bad behaviour in the past, but she also knows that she’s done her best to prove that she’s a fit mother for baby Alfie. The only way that Imran could gain custody of Alfie was to get Ben (Jon-Paul Bell) to try to set her up and lie in court that she’d been seen buying drugs. She wants to clear her name but feels that people like her are never believed and the entire system is stacked against her.

She decides her only hope of building a life with her son is to take him abroad, somewhere where Imran won’t be able to find them, and start afresh. She sets about planning the move, and Kevin (Michael Le Vell) decides to help her.

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At the same time, Imran is busy reflecting about how he’s behaved and is realising that his behaviour has crossed a line. He decides to come clean to Toyah (Georgia Taylor).

The action during the week flashes back and forth between all of these different elements and the aftermath of a huge car crash which leaves Imran and Toyah fighting for their lives.

Has Imran discovered Abi’s plan and tried to stop her? How much does Toyah know about Imran’s past actions?

Lives are at risk, and others are set to change forever as the devastating consequences play out