It’s time to confess all (Picture: ITV)

Imran Habeeb (Charlie De Melo) has changed over recent months on Coronation Street. Basically a principled, kind man, his desperate need to gain custody of his son Alfie has made him resort to ever more desperate measures.

This all culminated in him getting his investigator, Ben (Jon-Paul Bell) to lie in court and say that he’d witnessed Abi (Sally Carman) taking part in a drug deal. He was aware that Abi was innocent, but by then his desperation to secure Alfie’s future with him and Toyah (Georgia Taylor) pushed aside any empathy for Abi.

When Kelly (Millie Gibson) discovered what happened she challenged Imran, and in coming episodes it’s Kelly who once again makes him confront his own actions. He doesn’t like what he sees and is overcome with guilt.

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He makes the decision that the first person he needs to confess to is Toyah, and he leaves her a message in which he reveals everything he’s done.

This message will be heard by viewers right at the beginning of an explosive week for Coronation Street that starts with a flash-forward of Imran’s confession, with the action moving backwards and forwards through events leading up to a horrific car crash and its aftermath that leaves Toyah and Imran fighting for their lives.

Will either of them make it out alive? And what part does Imran’s shock confession play in the run-up to the disaster?