Stacey develops an infection (Picture: BBC)

There’s drama for Stacey (Lacey Turner) in upcoming EastEnders episodes, when she collapses. An alarmed Kheerat (Jaz Deol) rushes her to hospital, and gets the terrifying news that Stacey might be developing sepsis.

Kheerat knows that Stacey has fallen ill after being injured by Jean (Gillian Wright), whose behaviour is becoming increasingly unpredictable as Stacey tries to care for her at home. Wanting to give the doctors as much information as possible, Kheerat tells them what happened between Stacey and her mum.

Stacey has been struggling to cope with Jean since bringing her home from hospital, and she’s currently unaware that Lily (Lilia Turner) is also in danger, as she’s become convinced that she’s also bipolar and she’s been secretly taking Jean’s medication.

As Stacey battles with a raging infection following Jean injuring her, Kheerat’s words to the doctor have triggered a visit from a mental health nurse to assess how Jean is getting on at home.

As a terrified Jean locks herself in the bathroom, Stacey rushes home from the hospital, putting her own health at risk once again for the sake of her mum.

Will Stacey and Jean acknowledge that they need help? And will Stacey end up in hospital again after ignoring how unwell she really is?