Someone new – but who is it? (Picture: BBC)

Silent Witness returned to our screens tonight for a special series to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary.

It was an explosive start, that’s for certain. The Health Secretary was shot dead, Sam Ryan (Amanda Burton) returned, Jack (David Caves) and Nikki’s (Emilia Fox) relationship was teased even more, but there’s one question that’s been left on our minds after tonight’s cliff-hanger.

Who is Tom Faulkner (Matthew Gravelle)?!

As the team investigated the attack on the Health Secretary, Jack, Nikki and Simone (Genesis Lynea) discovered more about Sam and Jomo’s (Hugh Quarshie) new – definitely experimental – health passports.

Essentially, UNITAS was born after a delay in finding Jomo a heart donor. The couple created a service that allows people all over the world to access someone’s medical history for the purpose of organ donations.

Jomo is all for his new health passporting service – but as Jack argues, it isn’t completely safe for users (Picture: BBC)

As Sam and Jomo pointed out, the service is beneficial when it comes to quickly sourcing a donor, but as Jack argued – it goes against data protection, someone’s right to privacy and probably most importantly, because UNITAS knows so much about a person’s health, not to mention tracking them 24/7 365 days a year, their DNA could easily be put in jeopardy.

Time for questioning the new Sam Ryan was put on hold as we neared the end of the first episode as Nikki, Jack, and Simone found the shell casing from the gun used to assassinate the Health Secretary.

Running a DNA test, Nikki was stunned to see the fingerprints matched that of Tom Faulkner.

So, what do we know about him so far?

Nick tells us Tom’s connection to Nikki will ‘shock’ fans (Picture: BBC)

With connections to Nikki and Sam, we learnt Tom used to work for the UN after time in the army – and he also seems to know who killed the Health Secretary.

As this anniversary series gets underway, Producer Nick Lambon has spoken to, revealing more about Tom and his very important connection to Nikki:

‘I think it’ll be a huge shock when the audience find out who Tom is and why he’s such a significant person in Nikki’s past and how he’s connected to Sam as well. I think something really interesting happens over the course of episodes one and two, which is we start out with Nikki looking at Sam, not quite sure whether she’s telling her the whole truth or telling her everything that she might know about this case that she’s brought them on to. But then what you start to see over the course of episode one into episode two is that the shoe is on the other foot.

‘Suddenly, Nikki knows more than she’s telling us, and she’s not willing to share that with everyone else as well. So, what happens is, both these women are sort of, they’re not lying, necessarily, but they’re not admitting everything that they know about the case and that these individuals are not quite willing to tell each other about them.’

Sam is keeping secrets (Picture: BBC)

As part 2 airs tomorrow, we don’t have long to wait until Tom’s connection to Nikki is revealed, but what about Sam?

‘Tom and Sam are two people who used to be very close, they used to work together and then they had a falling out’, Nick explains.

‘Episode 2 starts to hint to us that Tom has been framed, but Ed [Whitmore], the writer, was keen to explore the motives behind that. Why is Tom a good person to be framed? What motives could he have? He has to have something about him, where can we go, who he might be, could he be involved in this? The evidence surrounding Tom is really important, but the security of that evidence plays a massive role in the series.’

Keen to always keep the audience on their toes, Nick, Ed and the team wanted to develop Tom into a character who could well be capable of killing someone due to his past, allowing us to really be torn over whether or not he is completely innocent in the case of the Health Secretary’s death.

‘We made him have a past where he used to work in the army, in Special Ops and private security with Sam, which all makes us believe he can pull the trigger on a gun’, Nick adds.

‘For Sam, she realises everything is even more complicated that she initially thought because of Tom and Nikki’s connection.’

Read part 2 of our chat with Nick Lambon tomorrow.

Silent Witness continues tomorrow night, 9pm on BBC One.

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