Stern’s potentially got company coming (pic: Sirius XM/Amouranth)

Amouranth has begun to tease her appearance on Howard Stern’s show, as his reaction to her streams gains traction.

Howard Stern, the veteran DJ known for shocking his audiences with explicit material, recently discovered Twitch star Amouranth. On his show, Stern reacted live to Amouranth sleeping on stream, which he didn’t really get. 

Stern, 68, was introduced to Twitch streaming on his show and eventually found his way onto the hot tub streaming sections of the website. From here he was introduced to Amouranth, who was doing a sleeping stream. 

Stern quipped that he ‘wouldn’t watch that’ and that the person would have to be ‘really hot’. However, he did pose a question, ‘You watch that? Is that good? What do they do?’ This begins to beg the question as to why these sleep streams have gained major traction on the platform.

What are sleep streams?

Amouranth’s sleep streams can garner some hefty viewers, with the example Stern pointed out reaching around 40,000 as people watched the streamer sleep. 

On TikTok, these sleep streams are usually accompanied by a challenge to the audience to wake them up or disturb them by submitting gifts to activate different alerts. However, these have often been discovered to be pre-recorded videos, in an attempt to get the money from TikTok after converting the various gifts. 

Might be on an episode soon….

— Kaitlyn (@wildkait) May 24, 2022

Amouranth’s sleep streams garnered particular attention from viewers, with the Twitch chat still having to be moderated during her slumber, to weed out any bad actors. 

Future plans for Amouranth

The appearance on Howard Stern furthers Amouranth’s plan to break into the mainstream, as well as to begin distancing herself from her more explicit, older content. 

Her OnlyFans account is planning to shut down in the coming weeks, as Amouranth, real name Kaitlyn Siragusa, refocuses her efforts on providing higher quality content for Twitch. This includes her upcoming event, Streamer Royale and her aim to provide a private jet for the competitors. 

Howard Stern’s show currently airs on Sirius XM, and the subscriber base for Sirus XM was last reported to have around 34 million people – although there’re no direct figures for Stern’s show.

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