Abi is planning on fleeing the country (Picture: ITV)

Abi (Sally Carman) comes up with a desperate plan in upcoming Coronation Street episodes, when she decides to kidnap baby Alfie and flee with him abroad to start a new life.

Abi feels like she’s exhausted all other options. She has no confidence that a court would ever believe her word against Imran (Charlie De Melo)’s even though she knows he framed her by getting Ben (Jon-Paul Bell) to lie in court that she was buying drugs and she feels the whole world is against her.

She’s not entirely alone, though, because Kevin (Michael Le Vell) agrees to help her as she starts to make plans to take the baby out of the country before Imran and Toyah (Georgia Taylor) can stop her.

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Events are starting to spiral, though, as separately Imran is realising that his own behaviour towards Abi has been appalling and he hates the man he’s become. Meanwhile Toyah has started to unravel Imran’s lies for herself.

As Abi attempts to get away from Weatherfield there’s a massive car crash that’s set to change Weatherfield for ever. Toyah and Imran are left unconscious in the wreckage – but where are Abi and Alfie? Could they have been caught up in the carnage too?