Faith is desperate to keep her secret (Picture: ITV)

Since Faith (Sally Dexter) received the news that her cancer has returned on Emmerdale, she’s been adamant that she doesn’t want people – particularly her children Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Chas (Lucy Pargeter) – to find out.

Sally Dexter explained to what’s going through Faith’s mind. ‘I think she wants to have their love and understanding on her terms,’ she says. ‘She doesn’t want them to have a pityship, she wants them to have a proper family feeling and love between them and she fears that if she tells them what the situation is they will pity her rather than love her.’

So far only Moira (Natalie J. Robb) knows what’s going on with Faith and in coming episodes she offers to let her recover from a chemotherapy session at Butler’s Farm.

But Chas, who’s become suspicious of the secrets that Moira and Faith seem to be keeping and has got the idea that it’s to do with Moira and Nate (Jurell Carter) rekindling their former affair, bursts in to the bedroom and is shocked to find Faith there.

Desperately wanting to hide her illness from her daughter, Faith has to think on her feet and makes something up to explain what she and Moira have been up to. And Moira is absolutely livid about what she comes up with.

Surely it can’t more embarrassing than Chas’s idea that she was rekindling an affair with her son-in-law?