Priya is uncomfortable with an event at work (Picture: ITV)

Priya (Fiona Wade)’s trauma over the scars on her body following the Emmerdale maze fire last October continues to haunt her. Recently she opened up to Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) about her struggles with her body image following the horrific burns, and in upcoming episodes the issues resurface once again.

Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) leaves Priya to deal with a journalist who’s come to interview her for a bridal magazine. Priya is thrown when the journalist wants to take photos to go with the article and wants to feature Priya in the pictures.

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She panics, conscious of not wanting to reveal her scars in such a public way.

The situation gets even worse for her when Leyla returns and lashes out at her. Leyla is in a bad mood because she’s run out of drugs and is desperate to get her hands on more, which makes her completely oblivious to the fact that Priya is feeling genuinely traumatised.

Priya is embarrassed and shocked by Leyla’s cold-hearted reaction to her being upset and the entire experience leaves her feeling devastated.

Will Leyla apologise for her heartless behaviour?