Things are spiralling for Leyla (Picture: ITV)

It’s becoming increasingly clear on Emmerdale that Leyla (Roxy Shahidi)’s drug habit is getting out of control, Even Suzy (Martelle Edinborough) has cautioned her about her behaviour and knowing the line between a ‘bit of fun’ and dangerous addiction.

Ironically it was Suzy’s appearance in the village that triggered Leyla’s recent behaviour. The two had shared a drinking and drugs lifestyle previously, but Leyla had set that aside in recent years. Now with Suzy and a ready supply of cocaine on hand, Leyla has found herself being pulled back into taking drugs.

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In upcoming episodes Leyla’s behaviour gets more and more driven by the need for drugs. When she runs out of coke she snaps at Priya (Fiona Wade) for upsetting some important clients and goes off to try to fix Priya’s mistake. The problem is she no longer feels she can function properly without drugs and she desperately searches Suzy’s bag to try to find something.

Suzy catches her in the act of doing this and Leyla tries to think of an explanation for why she was going through the bag. Suzy doesn’t believe her and tries to get through to her about her coke habit, but Leyla refuses to listen.

Is her habit raging out of control?