Ricky’s Netflix special has, unsurprisingly, divided critics (Picture: Netflix)

Piers Morgan has congratulated Ricky Gervais on his Netflix special Supernature, which has been accused of being ‘transphobic and ignorant’.

The Office star’s new special launched today and has already been blasted by audiences for derogatory jokes about the trans community, saying that ‘old-fashioned women’ are ‘the ones with wombs’ and joking about transitioning to become ‘Vicky Gervais’.

Gervais stresses in the programme though that he is actually a supporter of trans rights.

Netflix even issued the special with a discriminatory warning, warning it contains ‘language, crude humour’ and ‘discrimination’.

Morgan, the poster boy for supposed free speech, unsurprisingly defended Gervais and took the chance to come for ‘woke’ comedian Nish Kumar.

The TalkTV host tweeted: ‘Watching #SuperNature on @netflix – absolutely outrageous, fabulously offensive, hilariously funny & already enraging all the right people like @MrNishKumar who are too woke, humourless & dumb to understand the comedy.

‘Brilliant work @rickygervais.’

Ricky got Piers’ backing (Picture: Twitter/Piers Morgan)

Ricky made a brief appearance on the launch of Piers’ Uncensored launch (Picture: REX/Piers Morgan Uncensored)

Kumar previously called out Gervais over his ‘lazy’ anti-trans comedy and called his 2018 Netflix special, Humanity, ‘a f**king piece of s**t’.

In his own stand-up routine, Kumar said: ‘What he’s doing is not edgy or interesting. He seems to think that it makes him an edgy or interesting comedian, it’s not.

‘All he is, is just the same as every other rich white dude comedian who gets too successful, runs out of ideas, and so just s**ts on the latest minority group.

Ricky Gervais: SuperNature, a brand new comedy special from @rickygervais, is now streaming only on Netflix. pic.twitter.com/RLO6yYZX5Z

— Netflix UK & Ireland (@NetflixUK) May 24, 2022

‘In the 1970s that was my f**king family, it’s Black and minority ethnic people, in the 80s it was gay people.

‘Trans people are just the latest to get it in the neck from comedians who can’t be bothered to try at their jobs anymore.

‘I cannot stand there and watch another dogs**t comedian go, “Oooh if a woman can identify as a man, maybe I’ll identify as a chair” – why don’t you identify as a good comedian you hack motherf**kers!’

At the beginning of Supernature, Gervais tells the audience that he often says things for comedic effect that don’t necessarily reflect his personal beliefs.

He also insisted he thinks it’s ‘mad to think joking about something means you’re anti-it’.

Supernature is available to stream on Netflix now.

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