Andrew Abdullah surrendered to police Tuesday after being on the run since Sunday morning (Picture: AP)

The man suspected of fatally shooting a 48-year-old man aboard a New York City subway train over the weekend has been negotiating his surrender with police Tuesday afternoon.

Andrew Abdullah, 25, arrived at the Fifth Precinct in New York City Tuesday afternoon in a Rolls Royce, according to the New York Post. He arrived with a Brooklyn-based minister, who has reportedly been negotiating his surrender, CBS reported.

Initial reports indicated that Abdullah had surrendered to police, but it remains unclear what occurred as it was revealed that he failed to show for the planned surrender.

Abdullah was named the prime suspect nearly 48 hours after Sunday morning’s grisly shooting unfolded. Police said he was wanted on a murder charge for the killing of Daniel Enriquez, who he allegedly shot from close range on the Q train before fleeing the train station.

He was initially named a person of interest before being upgraded to the suspect.

Abdullah was reportedly out of jail on bail at the time of the attack, and has a lengthy rap sheet and at least 11 prior arrests.

The devastating attack unfolded Sunday just before noon when Abdullah began pacing aboard a northbound Q train that was crossing the Manhattan bridge. Abdullah then reportedly pulled out a gun and shot Enriquez point blank in the chest. Enriquez was rushed to an area hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

According to police, the shooting was random and the two men had no connection to each other.

Following the shooting, the suspect gave his gun to a homeless man outside the station, who sold it to someone else. Police recovered the weapon and are testing it for DNA.

Witnesses to Sunday’s grisly attack told police that the gunman was pacing before he took out a gun and shot Enriquez ‘without provocation.’

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