Pete has created his very own man cave – with a fully-fledged 80s theme (Picture: Mercury Press)

Pete Fredrics, 42, seriously loves the 1980s.

So much so, he’s turned the top floor of his home into an ode to his favourite decade, loaded with more than 1,000 retro pieces.

The dad-of-two, from Nashville, Tennessee, has spent ten years building up his collection of 80s paraphernalia, including old-school gaming machines, boomboxes, vintage games, and even Madonna’s old cheque book.

He estimates his stash to be worth around £20,000.

Pete said: ‘I started collecting as a fun hobby then it started to get out of hand – I’ve dedicated the whole top floor to the collection and it’s basically turned into a museum for the 1980s.

‘I love to collect all things to do with pop-culture as well as old household items, toys, advertising, and even cereal boxes.

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‘I’m a huge fan of celebrities from the time too – I have one of Michael Jackson’s hats, Madonna’s cheque book, Joan Jett’s pants and I have props from the movies including a big Mega Maid from Spaceballs.

‘Although I have all these cool things people seem to be more amazed by the simpler stuff that they thought that had forgotten about.

‘Stuff like the games and even the red Pizza Hut cups really bring people back to their childhood.

The dad-of-two has amassed an impressive collection of retro goods (Picture: @totally80sroom/Mercury Press)

Including a boombox and music from the decade (Picture: @totally80sroom/Mercury Press)

‘The 80s are making a comeback now and it’s getting so popular so I really have to fight for these things!’

Pete was an 80s kid, and says it was the best decade to grow up in.

So, he’s keen to share that era with the world – and hopes that his home will act as a time capsule to launch people back to the past.

‘In my opinion, the 1980’s was the best time to grow up in,’ he said.

Pete describes the space as a museum dedicated to his childhood (Picture: @totally80sroom/Mercury Press)

He wants to share just how great the 80s were (Picture: @totally80sroom/Mercury Press

‘It was a much simpler time and people always have fondest memories.

‘Things back then felt more important to people because although we had a lot of things available but they were always limited unlike now.

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‘If you wanted to see a TV show or a movie, you had to make sure you were there at that time to enjoy it.

‘Things were more important – you had to be more present.

‘Of course, there was lots of great technology, just less of it – as a kid, you went outside, got exercise, and played face to face so things were definitely more special.’

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