Tiffany Jones held her dying father, Colin, during his final hours at the same time as one of the Downing Street gatherings went on late into the night (Picture: Reuters/ Tiffany Jones)

A daughter has told how she held her dying dad in her arms at the same time as Downing Street staff played secret Santa and drank excessively on ‘Wine Time Friday’.

Tiffany Jones spoke of her contempt for Boris Johnson and the ‘disgusting’ behaviour at No10 as further details emerged of how members of his team spent the night of December 18, 2020.

In the Sue Gray report published today a section about the Wine Time Friday event, to mark the last working Friday of the year, shows that staff gathered from 6pm until late into the night.

While some of those present drank red wine, leaving stains which were found by cleaners, and held an ‘awards ceremony’, Ms Jones was with her dad as he slipped away in hospital after contracting Covid.

‘I can’t honestly say I’m surprised by the report,’ she said.

‘This country collectively mourned, at that time, 96,000 people dead.

‘On that day we had 300 plus dead, for one day alone, and they go off sharing secret Santas and getting drunk?

‘Do they have any idea how disrespectful and disgusting their behaviour is?

‘Take for example the war in Ukraine, if nearly 400 of our troops had gone over and died on that day, would they be having a party?’

Colin Reginald Jones was known for his sense of humour and devotion to his family before losing his battle with Covid (Picture: Tiffany Jones)

Ms Jones cradled her dad, Colin Reginald Jones, and ‘whispered everything he wanted to hear’ during a tearful final farewell as he took his last breaths in hospital as the ‘party’ was taking place in Westminster.

At the event, up to 45 people gathered at a time when Downing Street’s weekly press office meeting and ‘Wine Time Friday’ would have been held.

After a quiz and secret Santa, one No10 official sent a message
to a WhatsApp group saying: ‘prize giving now guys, return.’

At the time, London was under tier three restrictions, which banned indoor mixing, except in household bubbles.

In a section covering the event, the Sue Gray report reads: ‘There was food and alcohol available which had been bought and brought in by staff. Some members of staff drank excessively.

‘The event was crowded and noisy such that some people working elsewhere in the No 10 building that evening heard significant levels of noise coming from what they characterised as a party in the Press Office.

‘A cleaner who attended the room the next morning noted that there had been red wine spilled on one wall and on boxes of photocopier paper.’

Boris Johnson gestures in 10 Downing Street during a gathering to mark the departure of a special adviser on November 13, 2020 (Picture: via Reuters)

Sue Gray has delivered her report on the partygate allegations which have engulfed Downing Street and Whitehall (Credits: PA)

At the same time, Ms Jones, 41, from Hampshire, and her sister were with their dad as the retired draftsman engineer spent his final hours at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth. The devoted family man, 61, who had been too weak to fight on after overcoming a series of health battles, was being kept alive by CPAP, which aids breathing.

His two daughters and wife, Helen Ann, arrived at the hospital in the afternoon and were told at 7pm – an hour after the Downing Street party began – that he was not going to survive. Medics told the family they could let him struggle on with CPAP or have the apparatus removed to allow him to slip away faster with his loved ones by his side.

‘I was one of the few who was fortunate enough, although it doesn’t feel fortunate, to spend the last few hours with a dying loved one,’ Ms Jones said. ‘I watched the man who shaped my life fade and die in my arms whilst they partied. By 11.25pm they had given him all the medication they could give, they took the CPAP off and left the room and never came back.

‘It was just me and my sister Kimberley and that was it. He was still talking to us right up to the end, telling us he loved us.’

Tiffany Jones has said Boris Johnson should resign over the Christmas gatherings at Number 10 (PIcture: Tiffany Jones)

Mr Johnson was under intense pressure this afternoon with the publication of the report by Ms Gray, a senior civil servant who has investigated the partygate allegations relating to gatherings attended by the prime minister and No10 staff at Downing Street and Whitehall.

Ms Jones, who has campaigned for a Covid memorial day, said: ‘Most people have the good grace to put their hands in the air and say they’re sorry and they apologise.

‘Boris might have made the pretence of an apology but he continues to whitewash what went on and he lies and continues to lie. Words cannot describe how we feel today.’

The family of Colin Reginald Jones, shown with his wife Helen Ann, wants a memorial day for all the victims of Covid (Picture: Tiffany Jones)

The 12-page report shows that ‘attendance peaked’ during the ‘awards ceremony’ held at around 7.45pm as the event got underway, with between 15 and 45 in the room at the time. No10 exit logs show staff remained in the office until after midnight.

Ms Gray concluded that the sum total of the gatherings amounted to a ‘serious failure’ to observe the standards expected of government and some of the behaviour ‘is difficult to justify’.

She recommended that there is ‘significant learning to be drawn from these events which must be addressed immediately across government.’

Mr Johnson said in a statement after Prime Minister’s Questions today that he has been ‘humbled and learned a lesson’ as a result of the inquiry.

He also told parliament that he has enacted ‘profound changes’ across No10 in light of Ms Gray’s findings.

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