Amelia is becoming obsessed with social media and the world of filtering images (Picture: ITV)

Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) has purchased weight-gain syrup online as she continues to extensively use her social media platforms in Emmerdale.

On Monday, Amelia uploaded another photo to her Instagram account and received a lot of likes and comments, but it was one negative comment that impacted her a lot.

After purchasing some gym gear and sportswear, Amelia decided to show off a new outfit to her followers.

The nasty comment Amelia received on the post was from an account called ‘Buff Boy 44’, who said the teen looked ‘bony and ill’.

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Amelia deleted the post and tonight, it was clear that comment was still having a huge affect on her self-confidence.

Spending time with Samson (Sam Hall), Amelia was showing him pictures of social media influencers, revealing she was keen to have a body figure like the people she was following, hoping she’d gain more likes on her posts.

Samson told Amelia that anyone can look like the pictures on her phone thanks to the millions of photo-editing apps on devices these days.

He then went on to say how Mandy (Lisa Riley) often talks about people who take diet pills or syrups to change their figure.

An idea in her mind, Amelia went onto a website and purchased weight gaining syrup.

Amelia is willing to risk her own health just to try and increase her social media following, but how bad are things about to get for her?

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