One man was arrested and another was rushed to hospital to get treatement for his injuries (Pictures: Twitter/@dubslife1)

A man repeatedly jumped up and down someone’s head in a stomach-churning moment during a fight.

A brawl broke out at Dublin Airport yesterday, ending with one man in hospital and another being arrested.

The fight began with two men hitting and pushing each other, before several others started getting involved.

Social media footage shows some of the men clearly trying to break the violence up, but others seemed to be watching the show – following the action with a pint in hand.

Things came to a head when a third man – seemingly an ally of the man in the green top – grabbed his opponent, in a black button-up shirt, and repeatedly punched his head before kicking him to the ground.

As the man in the black shirt lay on the floor, the third man lifted his leg and jumped onto his face multiple times.

In one video posted online, the horrific thud of the man’s head hitting the ground can be heard.

The man stomped and jumped on the traveller’s head multiple times (Pictures: Twitter/@dubslife1)

Other travellers in the airport screamed louder and shouted at the group to ‘stop it’.

At one point an airport staff member walked towards the fight, but turned away and covered her eyes when the stomping started.

A bigger crowd quickly gathered to drag the man in the black shirt away.

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Different clips show several other scuffles continuing between many of the other men involved.

A man in his 20s was arrested and detained while another person was taken to Beaumont Hospital – the national centre for neurosurgery. 

The Gardaí, the Irish police, is currently investigating and says it is unable to give any comment yet.

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