Anson Boon (R) who plays John Lydon is holding out hope that the former Sex Pistol will watch the series (Picture: Disney+/Getty)

Pistol actor Anson Boon, who stars as John Lydon (or Johnny Rotten) in the upcoming Danny Boyle series, has revealed a series of tiny clues he included in the hopes that they’d catch the former Sex Pistol’s eye.

John, 66, is not a fan of the series to say the least (despite him having not seen it yet).

He ripped into the show, which follows the Pistols’ rise to notoriety, slamming it as the ‘most disrespectful s**t I’ve ever had to endure’ and even went to court in an attempt to stop his former bandmates, Paul Cook and Steve Jones, using the Sex Pistols’ music in the show. He lost the case.

Reflecting on John’s stormy reaction, Anson explained to ‘It didn’t make my job more difficult.

‘I’ve become such a big fan of his, honestly. And just the fact that we did want him to be involved – it was really disappointing that he didn’t want to be but that’s his decision. And just the fact that he didn’t want to be, I think, spurred me on to chase authenticity, because I always wanted to do him justice, and so did Danny and [we wanted to] give him his dues.

‘I’m sorry, he feels the way he does. But he has said in the press now that he’s gonna watch it.

‘And I can’t wait for him to see it because I’ve left him a little clues in my performance, that hopefully he will recognise that only someone who truly admires him would have done.’

Anson included small details, including John’s love of Arsenal (Picture: Getty Images)

The actor wanted to give John ‘his dues’ (Picture: REX/Shutterstock)

Revealing some of the tiny details he included, Anson went on: ‘I made sure all the things around his room are accurate to things he said were in his room – there’s an Arsenal poster.

‘I made sure I ate pickled beetroot because he loves pickled beetroot. When you meet his mum, she has leafy salads with salad cream because that’s what his mum used to give him when he was younger. And there’s no fridge in his kitchen because he didn’t have a fridge [in real life].’

‘I just really admire him and I wanted everything to come from a place of love,’ he added.

Anson, 22, wasn’t the only one to pay close attention to detail in the series. Bandmates Paul, 65, and Steve, 66, worked on the show, so were able to give the actors some valuable advice on set.

The Sex Pistols – and the actors who play them

Anson Boon (L) and John Lydon (Picture: Getty/Disney+)

Louis Partridge (L) and Sid Vicious (Picture: Getty/Disney+)

Christian Lees (L) and Glen Matlock (Picture: Getty/Disney+)

Toby Wallace (L) and Steve Jones (Picture: Disney+/Backgrid/Getty)

Jacob Slater (L) and Paul Cook (Picture: Disney+/Getty)

Jacob Slater, who plays drummer Paul, added: ‘It was great having [Paul] there to look over my shoulder while I was playing the drum parts and say, “Actually, I didn’t do that, I did this.” Like, this is crazy, you’re the guy who actually wrote all this stuff. So we were very, very blessed in that sense to have them on hand.’

Christian Lees plays Glen Matlock, who left the Pistols in 1977 and was replaced by Sid Vicious. He was eager to do the musician justice.

‘For Glen, having been there and such a musical influence in most of these iconic songs, I just felt like I really needed to represent him, especially to a younger audience,’ Christian pointed out.

The band have gone down in music history (Picture: Redferns)

Danny Boyle’s series is set for release soon (Picture: DISNEY+)

‘There’s no Sex Pistols without him so I just felt a really big responsibility to get him in the picture in that way. A lot of the older big Sex Pistols fans, they love Glen, they know him, but the younger audience don’t, so that was important to me.’

Louis Partridge portrays the late Sid Vicious, who died of a drug overdose in 1979 at the age of 21. The actor reeled off a host of legends he had on hand to tell him about their experiences with the iconic musician, including bandmates Glen, Steve, and Paul, as well as model Jordan, and particularly Pretenders singer Chrissie Hynde.

‘She spoke very fondly of Sid,’ he recalled.

‘I found it really interesting hearing about his relationship with girls versus boys. He seemed quite aggressive and almost challenged by men so I think he resorted to violence as a means of asserting dominance.

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‘But with women, it seemed every lady that knew him talked about him as this little sweetheart who would crawl into their bed, not to try anything on but just to sleep next to them because he needed somewhere to stay.

‘It’s really sad because you don’t hear that of him. So I was really, really happy and privileged to be able to be the one showing that side of him. Because the more I learn about him, it’s apparent that he was just a kid.

‘I feel like I can see through the armour and the guard now.’

Pistol will be available to stream on Disney+ on May 31.

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