Will you be shooting with friends in Sniper Elite 5? (pic: Rebellion)

Sniper Elite 5 has been getting positive reviews, but how can you play with friends from across the console gap and is the game available on Game Pass? 

Sniper Elite 5, developed by Rebellion, is another excellent entry in the Second World War franchise. The game has been getting great reviews, with our own praising it for its open world game design and, on PlayStation 5, great use of the DualSense controller. 

However, with it being a shooter on a console, it does come with a bevvy of multiplayer options. These include co-op play with friends, versus other players and a new invasion mode, where other players can enter your game to take you out. 

With all these different options, and the franchise’s popularity preceding it, there’s going to be plenty of players to enjoy the game with but can a PlayStation owner play with someone on a PC? 

Is Sniper Elite 5 crossplay?

Sniper Elite 5’s multiplayer modes are all crossplay compatible. That means those on PlayStation will be able to play with those on Xbox and PC. This is perfect if your friends all have different formats and means that even if, down the line, the game’s player-base thins out, you will still be able to find a game. 

Crossplay has been a boon since it became more commonplace a few years ago, with games like Call Of Duty benefiting from the mixed pool of players. 

If you’re worried about getting taken advantage of by PC players with mice and keyboards, then fear not, as crossplay can be toggled off in the menus. 

Crossplay could become a huge feature for the game’s cooperative mode, as it doesn’t limit who you could play with – especially as the game will be available on Game Pass. 

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Is Sniper Elite 5 on Game Pass?

Sniper Elite 5 is on Xbox console and PC Game Pass, with both formats supporting corss-play.

Mike Rose, who works at indie developer No More Robots, recently took to Twitter to elaborate on Game Pass and why a lot of developers are planning on using the service, despite ongoing debates within the industry as to whether these subscription plans are a detriment to the survival of smaller studios. 

It’s been revealed that Microsoft pays in full for the development cost of the game, meaning that any sales made through storefronts like Steam, PlayStation, and Epic will already be turning a profit. 

I’ve said this before, but:

Game Pass is guaranteeing success for dozens of devs every single month, by paying them their entire dev costs (and then some) on day 1

Anyone tweeting “Game Pass is bad for devs” has zero clue about how this industry works and should get in a bin 👍

— Mike Rose (@RaveofRavendale) May 24, 2022

While Rebellion probably has a specific deal for bringing Sniper Elite 5 to the service, it’s safe to assume it isn’t too far off Rose’s claims that Game Pass is a huge help to any developer entering the platform. 

Older titles like Final Fantasy 13 obviously don’t get the same treatment, so it’s assumed Microsoft simply pays a lump sum for those games. 

Sony is also expected to start making moves in this regard, as their refreshed PlayStation Plus service is bringing the same type of service in June, with a list of games already revealed.

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