TikTok only seems to have chump change for its biggest stars (pic: KSI/Metro.co.uk)

Despite having nearly 10 million followers on TikTok, it turns out that KSI has only managed to earn $3,000 from the service.

TikTok’s popularity has been unprecedented. After launching worldwide, it hasn’t stopped growing since and was the fast-growing app in 2020, its endless stream of videos in an endless amount of styles all available at the flick of a thumb.

Along with many other popular content creators, KSI, real name Olajide Olatunji, has taken his various online brands to the app, to attempt to crack new audiences and bring highlights to those that already know him.

However, in a recent podcast with his group, The Sidemen, he revealed that he has only made a meagre $3,000 (£2,400) from the app’s Creator Fund. His account currently harbours 9.2 million followers, yet has made less than a single video upload to YouTube.

Getting his start making FIFA videos back in 2010, KSI became immensely popular for his relaxed attitude and connection with his audience. From there, he has had controversies but now has tens of millions of followers across every social media channel.

With TikTok being the big new thing, it was naturally the next place to go. However, KSI and other prominent creators coming from YouTube have revealed that TikTok is not a great source of income.

Hank Green, a video blogger who started on YouTube in the late 2000s, has come forward to state that the way TikTok treats its creators financially isn’t good.

In his video, he estimated that per thousand views, he was making around 2.5 cents based on the advertisements that viewers would have also seen. The video example he used gained millions of views over the course of two weeks.

Green also estimated that TikTok was making anywhere between 30 and 60 cents in comparison, with the rest going elsewhere.

The issue of TikTok’s revenue-sharing doesn’t just stop at advertising, as the app also encourages hopping. With each product purchased, the creator gets a small cut and the rest is divided between the retailer and TikTok.

While streaming, donations are split 50/50 with TikTok and virtual gifts can be given that can be exchanged for varying amounts of money. However, streaming and shopping options are only available to certain creators with over 1,000 followers.

KSI doesn’t livestream on TikTok but regularly posts to the platform, earning millions of views every day. Unlike the $3,000 from TikTok, his YouTube channel earns an estimated maximum of £24,000 every month.

Green’s video does go on to mention that if TikTok were to increase its split with creators to something similar to YouTube, it could see thousands of users making a real career on the platform – meaning more money.

Safwan Ahmed, known as SuperSaf, a YouTuber who covers tech and has over a million subscribers, revealed his earnings on TikTok as well. His account with 25 million views since April 2021 has made a whopping £112.04.

ByteDance, the parent company earnt an estimated $58 billion in 2021.

This is how much I’ve made from the TikTok Creator Fund since April 2021 with over 25 million views in that time

TikTok as a platform for creators has a lot of potential but I agree with @hankgreen that they really need to sort out their revenue sharing ►https://t.co/cg8FNVqumn pic.twitter.com/hhOz9vjhiZ

— Safwan AhmedMia (@SuperSaf) January 21, 2022

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