Harry Jones thought his cat was unwell – but she actually just hated him being around when he was working from home (Picture: Triangle News)

A cat owner worried about his ‘ill’ pet took her to the vet to find out she just hated him working from home.

Harry Jones was concerned about his nine-month-old kitten, Helen, when she started peeing indoors and scratching at the front door.

But when he took her to the vet – which cost him £50 for the appointment – he was told his cat was simply just sick of him being around.

The 25-year-old, who works in communications, said: ‘She has been a little bit off the last couple of weeks.

‘She’s been acting a bit strange, clawing at the front door and meowing loudly, just generally acting out of character.

‘Then it came to a head a couple of weeks ago when she weed on my bed, and then she weed on the floor. She was just really letting me know that she wasn’t happy.

‘I was quite worried. I thought she might have an infection or something.’

Harry, from Salford Quays in Greater Manchester, decided to take her to the vet.

Harry was concerned about his nine-month-old kitten, Helen, when she started peeing indoors and scratching at the front door (Picture: Triangle News)

He said: ‘I got an emergency appointment and the vet told me she is physically absolutely fine.

‘The vet asked me if anything had changed recently and I explained I’d had an operation on my ear a few weeks ago and, so I had been recovering at home.

‘But she said I had changed Helen’s routine, that she was used to me getting out and about and working usually.

‘She said: “But now you’re sat at home with her all day, she wants a bit of space.”‘

The emergency appointment cost him £50, plus another £30 on gadgets to help calm her down.

But actually, he just needed to go away.

Harry, from Salford Quays in Greater Manchester, found out his cat was just sick of his company (Picture: Triangle News)

Harry added: ‘She’s usually quite cuddly and likes sleeping on my bed with me and things like that. But she clearly just got a bit sick of me.’

He admitted it was ‘quite iconic’ how his cat needed some time alone.

Helen has already torn up one of his books and also got cranky when Harry’s flatmate got home from the office.

But he called her ‘a bit of an attention seeker’.

It was revealed last year cats were becoming stressed during lockdowns because their owners were at home much more.

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A spokeswoman for Cats Protection said any change in a cat’s routine can upset their mental health.

Signs of anxiety could include straining to pee, peeing in strange places, pacing or restlessness, and out-of-character behaviour.

Owners are advised to create safe hiding places for their pets to escape to when they’ve had enough of people.

Dogs however could have the opposite problem – where they develop separation anxiety when their owners go out after spending lots of time at home.

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