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Hendrix Greyson’s (Ben Turland) unwavering desire to live could be the death of him in Neighbours.

Hendrix’s entire future rides on him getting a lung transplant and when he hears he’s got one, it’s the best news ever! But his excitement takes over and he does something that could destroy his chance at a transplant – it’s a mistake that could cost him his life.

Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) is about to become the centre of a manipulation ploy from her own mother. And with Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) coming at her too, will she be able to fight off this two-pronged attack?

Levi Canning (Richie Morris) and Freya Wozniak (Phoebe Roberts) finally stop beating around the bush long enough to declare their feelings for each other. But a dalliance in another kind of bush leads to all kinds of embarrassing trouble.

Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett) is on a slippery slope to drug hell, but can Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) save him?

And with his bad news, Hendrix decides to bring the wedding forwards. Will they be able to get everything arranged in time?

Here’s what’s ahead in Neighbours.

Tragedy for Hendrix over transplant blunder?

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Hendrix is on cloud 9 at the news he has scored himself a lung transplant. He’s so full of gratitude that he absolutely must thank his donor for this new lease of life he’ll be given. Karl warns him it’s not possible, but Hendrix pulls some strings and finds out who the donor is before tracking them down. He pays the guy a visit, only for the donor’s distraught sister to find him and lose it over his inappropriate behaviour. She’s so disgusted that she decides Hendrix is not worthy of her brother’s lungs and refuses him the operation. Hendrix is gutted, his good intentions could well have just killed him. Mackenzie hurts as he realises he’s sealed his own fate. She decides to take matters into her own hands and see if she can right the wrong – can she save her fiancé by convincing the sister that Hendrix is worthy of her brother’s lungs?

Terese becomes a target

Terese’s mother is a bit of a card. She receives the full wrath of her daughter when Terese finds Estelle having some semi-romantic drinks with Paul. What is this woman up to?! Terese has had it and threatens to kick her mum out, but Estelle emotionally manipulates her. Terese gives her one more chance on the proviso she keeps away from Paul, but that’s about as likely as Paul suddenly realising he’s in the wrong. After agreeing to behave, Estelle flirts with a vulnerable Glen, and then the apple cart is truly toppled when Terese finds her on a date with Paul. Terese goes crazy at her mum and heads to Josh’s plaque to clear her mind, where her and her mum end up bonding.

This irritates Paul, having thought he’d found a way to knock Terese of her perch. He’s not to be derailed though and presents Estelle with a bracelet in a bid to lure her back to his side. She is taken aback and tries to refuse, but her need for jewels wins out and she sells her daughter down the river. When Terese finds this out, she sends Estelle packing, and she goes packing straight to Paul’s front door.

Levi and Freya beat around the bush

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Freya is feeling a thrill at things starting to happen with Levi, and she excitedly confides in Chloe. On one hand it’s a mistake as it turns out Chloe can’t keep a secret for toffee. On the other, Chloe’s blabbing to Levi gets things moving in the right direction. Levi is surprised to learn how much Freya is into him as he has been convinced she wasn’t keen, but now, with this new information, he’s encouraged to go for it. He plans a big gesture to show Freya he likes her too, and their little romantic picnic goes swimmingly. In fact, things go so well, the pair end up at it in the bushes. Sounds like a great ending to a date, except for the fact some little oik runs off with their clothes. How are they going to get out of this one?

Drug drama for Glen

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Glen’s is mentally in a bad way when he leaves hospital, meaning he’s not strong enough with Estelle being weird and trying to flirt with him. He manages to shake her off, but he’s in unfathomable pain from his injury, the kind that can only be quelled by addictive medicine. He still refuses to take any medication due to his fear of relapsing, even with Harlow’s offer to help manage his drug intake. In agony, a fight with Paul leaves him feeling even worse and the temptation to crack the bottle of pills is real. He succumbs to temptation, but when he has a run-in with Kiri he realises what a dangerous game he’s playing. He decides to go to AA and ask Harlow if she’s still willing to help. It looks like he’s getting himself back on track, but is this just the tip of the slippery slope?

Wedding woes

With Hendrix having suffered a life-threatening case of putting his foot in it, he and Mackenzie now have to reconsider things. If he can’t have a transplant, his time with her might be even shorter, meaning they need to get married ASAP. They bring everything forward and their friends and family come together to try and get it organised as fast as possible. Hendrix is determined for Mackenzie to have the day she deserves. Will he be able to pull it off?

Kiri wants to have her cake and eat it

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Desperate to help Hendrix and Mackenzie to pull off the wedding of the century, Nicolette offers to make the wedding cake. It’s a huge undertaking with a tonne of pressure, and Kiri is impressed. Nic is really going for it to make the couple’s day special, and Kiri finds it incredibly attractive that she’s doing something so selfless. Once again she finds herself being pulled towards Nic. Has Chloe lost this round?

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