Stacey’s injury leads to an infection (Picture: BBC)

It’s been increasingly clear in recent EastEnders episodes that Stacey (Lacey Turner) is struggling to look after her mum Jean (Gillian Wright) properly at home.

Jean insisted for a while that Lily (Lilia Turner) should be the one to look after her, but Stacey was forced to put a stop to this when she realised that Lily has been taking Jean’s medication, convinced that she has bipolar herself.

As she prepared to take Jean to hospital, Jean got confused and upset about what was happening. In sheer frustration and despair, Stacey snapped at her and Jean pushed her into the bar, injuring her.

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Stacey refused to get any treatment for this wound, worried it would look like she was no longer able to care for her mum. In upcoming episodes this will come to affect Stacey in a huge way as the wound becomes infected and she ends up collapsing and being rushed to hospital.

Kheerat (Jaz Deol) goes with her and is shocked to hear from the doctors that Stacey is seriously ill and may have sepsis.

Has Stacey put her own life at risk to protect Jean?