It can be difficult to balance having a great time with blowing your budget (Picture: Getty Images)

From getting to the venue to a present for the couple, the cost of attending a wedding can quickly add up.

This is even more apparent if you’ve got a starring role on the special day, with groomsmen and bridesmaids expected to shell out for celebrations beforehand or cover the cost of their formalwear.

Particularly with the cost of living going up, it can be difficult to push back on spending. You don’t want to be the party pooper, but you also don’t want to overstretch yourself.

This is an issue many are facing. Research by Hitched revealed that 85% have felt worried about the price of a hen do, while 44% have had to decline an invitation because they couldn’t afford it.

In the survey of 2,100 Brits planning to attend hen parties in the next year, 47% said the event was costing them between £250 and £500 – and 8% said it was costing more than £500 per person.

Thankfully, you don’t need to opt out of the fun. If you’re planning a hen party, you can use these tips to keep costs down while still having a great time.

Your bank balance will thank you, and so will the other guests.

Ask for a budget ahead of time

Zoe Burke, editor of Hitched, says: ‘Setting a budget up front is a perfect way of giving guests the opportunity to opt in or out from the get go.

‘Better still, ask your guests what they would be willing to pay first, and then plan the event with these figures in mind.’

Your group may prefer a sleepover with pizza and wine to a swanky restaurant – check before you book anything (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

People don’t typically like talking about money, so make it clear that there’s no judgement and you’re asking to ensure everyone is able to participate.

If your party members’ expectations and budgets are different, Zoe adds: ‘Maybe the event could be split in two, with those who can afford to do both in it for the long-haul, while those with smaller budgets are involved in only part of the experience.’

Stick to daytime plans

A night out is the standard hen do plan, but you can save money by switching up the schedule.

Attendees that have kids will find more affordable childcare options during the day, plus you’ll be more likely to get a good deal (especially when it comes to club drinks prices and taxi surge fees at closing time).

Brunches, craft classes, city tours, and matinee shows all make ideal bachelorette activities before the sun goes down.

Choose package activities

Speaking of brunch, activities that include food, drinks, and entertainment as standard are useful for keeping costs down.

Activities during the day mean parents are able to be more involved in the fun (Picture: Getty Images/Cavan Images RF)

A bottomless brunch or dinner, for example, will be a set fee – normally around £40 and up – per head, which means no bar tabs that need to be split, no unaccounted-for spending, and no hassle.

‘Look at the brunches that are the cheapest but also have the longest time period for bottomless drinks,’ to get the most for your money, advise the experts at

Sort transport in advance

When creating a budget for the hens, ensure you factor in travel. Depending on where you’re staying, you may need to hire a van or minibus to transport your party from A to B.

If you’re in a city, it’s usually cheaper to use public transport. Print off a map or send instructions to the group chat beforehand so things run smoothly.

In more remote areas, pre-book travel so you aren’t stung by meter prices or surges.

‘Whether you’re getting the train or organising a minibus for the group,’ adds the team from Bottomless Brunch, ‘booking your transport well in advance will allow you to get the best deals and lowest prices.’ 

Keep track of split payments

One way to lose a lot of cash while planning a hen is to forget who’s paid what.

Outgoings get muddled, then no-one can remember whether they’ve reimbursed the person who paid for that last round/cab/takeaway.

Keep track of who’s paid for what with apps like Splitwise (Picture: Getty Images)

Use an app like Splitwise and Monzo to keep track of these payments, giving your fellow partygoers a nudge to square up – and stopping anyone from being shouldered with costs unfairly.

Make your own fun

Because so many people have jet-setting hen parties abroad, it can feel like you need to plan something lavish to keep up. But what it’s really all about is being together with your friends – you’ll remember the laughs long after you’ve forgotten the venue.

Focus on keeping everybody busy and you won’t need to spend lots to impress them.

Hitched has a brilliant selection of printable party games for hen celebrations that don’t cost a penny. Think along the lines of dance-offs, truth or dare, and X-rated charades, and you’ll have your group on form in no time.

Mainly, it’s important to be honest with the bride if you don’t think you can afford things. They’d rather know your financial constraints and work around them than not have you as part of their special day.

And, if in doubt, start by vetoing all plastic penis-themed party supplies – in the name of your budget, the planet, and good taste.

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