Sharon discovers Janine’s latest plan (Picture: BBC)

Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) is all for sticking up for her best pal Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) in upcoming episodes of EastEnders as she discovers Janine Butcher’s (Charlie Brooks) recent attempt at blackmailing Mick’s (Danny Dyer) ex.

Recently, fearing Mick would get back with Linda, Janine offered her £25k to leave Walford and never return.

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Initially, it looked as though Linda would take the cash (which soon turned into £50k) and depart life in Albert Square, but she left Janine stunned when she defiantly announced she isn’t going anywhere and won’t give the money back.

With Linda planning on using the cash for a new business venture, she decides to approach Denise (Diane Parish) and Kim (Tameka Empson) to talk about investing in the salon.

After Kim and Denise deliberate, Denise agrees and are shocked when Linda offers £50k by the end of the day.

But as things develop, a problem emerges which sees Linda beg Denise for the cash back.

After discovering what’s happened with Linda and how Janine was involved, Sharon decides to get her own back.

But what has she got planned?