Lydia has some harsh words about Sam’s latest project (Picture: ITV)

Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) ends up upsetting Sam (James Hooton) in upcoming Emmerdale episodes as her plan to own a posh caravan continues.

This week, Lydia told Chas (Lucy Pargeter) she’d like to own a top of the range caravan but was totally unaware Sam was already on the case and searching for one as a surprise.

Elsewhere, when Vinny (Bradley Johnson) mentioned there was an old motorhome at the scrapyard, Sam ditched the idea of buying something new and decided to transform the damaged vehicle into Lydia’s dream caravan.

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With his renovation hat on, Sam continues his DIY next week, but overhears Lydia slating the caravan he’s been working on.

Sam is left gutted and decides it’s probably best if he doesn’t tell Lydia he bought it for her.

Unaware of the truth, will Lydia continue her plan to buy a dream caravan?

Or will Sam decide to be honest about his plan and expose Lydia’s thoughts on it?