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Jasmine (Sam Frost) has had her world turned upside down after discovering she has two siblings, Xander (Luke Van Os) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier). However, she has quickly become firm friends with Xander, and is doing her best to persuade him to stay in the Bay. Rose, knowing her brother, has decided to stick around and sorted a transfer to the police station at Yabbie Creek.

When Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) finds out about Rose’s decision, he is wary of the rash decision, and suspects that she is more concerned about protecting Xander than building a relationship with Jasmine. His suspicions mount when he senses jealousy from Rose over Xander and Jasmine’s budding friendship – and he is unhappy to keep Rose’s transfer a secret when she asks him to keep it under wraps for now.

Later, Rose is confronted by the fact that Xander and Jasmine have made plans without her, and the situation escalates over lunch as the pair continue to find common ground – leaving Rose feeling left out. Xander realises there’s tension mounting between his two sisters, and he comes up with an idea – why don’t they bond over some healthy competition?

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Unable to resist, Rose and Jasmine face off against each other in a volleyball match in the caravan park, with Xander acting as umpire. Xander quickly realises his idea has backfired as the match intensifies, with both sisters battling fiercely to be crowned the winner and neither of them willing to concede a point lost.

(Picture: Channel 5)

Spectators begin to congregate, and Xander tries to remind them that the prize is only a free meal, but nothing will stop Jasmine and Rose now. Until, that is, Jasmine sends the ball over the net with such force that it smacks Rose in the nose, leaving her covered in blood…