Beethoven was found as a stray in Kent (Picture: Triangle News)

A cocker spaniel found with damage to his spine and broken bones may have been thrown from a car, a local council in Kent fears.

The seemingly unwanted dog, named Beethoven, was found limping as a stray near Rainham last Saturday, May 21.

The dog was unable to put weight on three of his legs and a member of Swale Borough Council’s dog team took the animal to a vet.

There, Beethoven was given pain relief and antibiotics for a paw infection.

But x-rays then revealed that among his various injuries were two fractures in his leg and spinal damage – with the injuries sustained some time ago.

Experts believe it is also possible that he may have been hit by a car.

Vets found a microchip but it was unregistered, so his owner has not been traced.

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Beethoven, who was found in the village of Hartlip, was monitored over the weekend following his discovery, before being taken to the Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital on Monday.

A Swale Borough Council Stray Dog Service spokesperson explained: ‘After minimal improvement over the weekend, the kennels made the decision to take him for further investigation and the x-rays have left us speechless.

‘The vets have said the injuries are comparable to being hit by, or being thrown out of a moving vehicle.

‘He’s got spinal damage, two fractures to his tibia and many other injuries which have been left to heal without treatment.

The poor dog suffered broken bones and spinal damage (Picture: Facebook)

Now Beethoven is finally getting some much-needed care (Picture: Facebook)

The dog looks happy in his current home (Picture: Facebook)

‘The most shocking part? He hasn’t sustained these injuries recently, he’s just been left to suffer.’

Now the authority are hunting for the possible perpetrators as they nurse the dog back to health.

The spokesperson continued: ‘Both ourselves and the kennels will be doing everything in our power to keep him comfortable until we have a clear path for his future.

‘It’s clear that Beethoven has had these injuries for a long time and that he has been suffering from prolonged animal cruelty.

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‘He has a chip, but it’s not registered, so if anybody has information that can lead us to his owners, please contact us.’

A fundraiser to help pay for his vet bills has already raised around £2,000, according to a Facebook page set up to update people on his progress.

Anyone with information can contact the council’s stray dog team on 01795 417 850 during office hours.

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