The sisters have finally been reunited (Picture: Jam Press)

A woman who was separated from her sister as a baby has finally found her long-lost sibling 55 years later.

Diane Ward is originally from the US but now lives in Uffculme, Devon. The 58-year-old was put up for adoption when she was just a baby and because of a lack of records, she never knew much about her biological family.

Unbeknownst to her, just a few blocks from Diane’s former home in Michigan, her sister Mary McLaughlin, 55, lived with their biological mum.

Diane stayed there for three years until she was adopted, too.

Throughout their lives, the pair had been told they were each an only child.

Diane moved to the UK in 1999 after marrying husband Colin, 59, but remained curious about her life story and where she first came from.

So, in December 2020 she bought herself a MyHeritage DNA kit as an early Christmas present.

The results of the £39.99 kit came back a few months later, informing Diane that she may have a second cousin, who she messaged online to find out more.

Diane as a baby with her adoptive mother (Picture: Jam Press/My Heritage)

Her cousin then dropped the bombshell that Diane might have a sister.

Mary lives in Arizona and due to Covid and the distance the pair weren’t able to meet up in person. Instead, they spoke for the first time via Zoom. Diane describes the moment as ‘love at first sight’.

‘We just clicked and bounced off each other straight away,’ Diane recalls.

‘It was like I found my other leg. When I spoke to her on Zoom for the first time it was just an incredible feeling.

Diane in high school (Picture: Jam Press/MyHeritage)

‘Her husband overheard me on there and said we were very similar.

‘He turned to her and said “yep, that’s your sister alright”.

‘We both have a sarcastic, dark sense of humour.’

Mary in 8th grade (Picture: Jam Press/MyHeritage)

The sisters now speak to each other every day and plan to see each other for the first time next month when they meet up in Arizona.

Diane has been left stunned by the discovery that she has not only other family members but a sister.

‘When I bought the kit I just thought it would be kinda cool to see “what if I was a quarter German or there was some Irish blood in me”,’ she explains.

Mary when she was younger with her adoptive mother Marge (Picture: Jam Press/MyHeritage)

‘I hadn’t told anyone about doing the kit.

‘It was just something I was interested to do and didn’t see it as a big thing.

Diane as she looks today (Picture: Jam Press/MyHeritage)

‘The thing is I didn’t even know of her [Mary’s] existence.

‘My mum had me at 18 and I was given to an adopted family. I only had her first name to go on, which was fairly common so it was really tricky to go from there.

Mary as she looks today (Picture: Jam Press/MyHeritage)

‘But throughout my life I have always tried to find out more information.’

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Next month, Diane will make the 5,000-mile journey to Mary’s beach house for a long-anticipated meeting and both sisters are thrilled.

‘I’m just so thankful I bought the kit,’ Diane muses. ‘Without it I wouldn’t have known.

‘I’m so excited to see Mary next month.

‘We’re just going to hit the beach, catch a tan and put the world to rights.’

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