What do these look like to you? (Picture: Mark Hill)

Are these sex toys, or hair tools?

Mark Hill, the brand behind the above products, has warned customers these are in fact hair styling tools and not sex toys – after some concerning reviews were posted online.

It’s clear some Brits have, quite awkwardly, accidentally mistaken their hair tools for sex toys.

Obviously using them in this way poses serious health risks, so why they might look curious, they should not be used down there. They’re actually designed to create curly hair.

Worryingly, one reviewer seems to have tried them as sex toys.

Going by the name of Claire, she wrote: ‘Not gonna lie, I got this as a gift and thought it was something else for a while.

‘After a couple of near accidents and completely new sensations, I found it’s pretty good at doing my hair as well! Please don’t make the same mistakes as me.’

Another person warned: ‘I’m obsessed with what this does to my hair. Holds all day and looks like I’ve walked straight out of the salon with a perfect wave.

‘As a warning to my fellow ladies, though, don’t be tempted to use this in another, more bedroom-focused way, as appealing as it is. So. Many. Regrets.’

Others who’ve bought the product say they have received odd looks from friends and family.

Someone said: ‘My very conservative mother found it in my bathroom and now isn’t speaking to me because she thought it was something else.

‘I’m sure you can figure out what.

‘So, I’m taking recommendations for great ways to style my hair with this, and ways to convince my mum that it isn’t what she thinks it is.’

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Another had an awkward encounter on a video call, sharing: ‘So glad I bought this product, it’s been a lifesaver on those bad hair days.

‘The one negative I can think of? My manager saw it in the back of a work call and mistook it for a di*do, so I’ve now got to speak to HR about having an appropriate backdrop on video calls. Not my finest moment.’

One woman also said her boyfriend was disappointed to learn it was a hair tool and not a sex toy after spotting it by her bed – leading them to go and invest in a dildo.

Responding to the reviews, a spokesperson for the brand said the products are to be ‘used on your head, not in bed’.

These will please you, but in a different way.

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