Jada misreads things entirely (Picture: BBC)

Jada (Kelsey Calladine-Smith) gets some bad news in upcoming EastEnders episodes when Denise (Diane Parish) tells her that she’s selling the salon and Jada won’t have a job any more.

Zack (James Farrar) attempts to cheer her up, and the two of them bond about their childhoods. They decide to spend the day visiting the sights in London, but when they get back Nancy (Maddy Hill) is furious that Zack has forgotten to pick up the keys as she asked him to.

After Nancy has left, Zack is in a bad mood and Jada tries to cheer him up, but she misreads the signals and leans in for a kiss. A shocked Zack immediately pulls away, but he doesn’t want to embarrass Jada so he plays down the whole incident and thinks it’s best forgotten.

Jada, however, is hurt by his rejection and when Sharon (Letitia Dean) comes home she tells her that Zack kissed her. An enraged Sharon wastes no time in kicking Zack out of the house.

How will Nancy react when she finds out what happened?