Faith gets herself a new friend (Picture: ITV)

Faith (Sally Dexter) finds a new friend in upcoming episodes of Emmerdale, as she continues to keep her cancer diagnosis a secret from everyone apart from Moira (Natalie J. Robb).

When Faith goes to a chemotherapy session, dreading what’s to come, she meets a woman who is also there for chemo and is being looked after by a very attentive and helpful son.

This makes Faith reflect on her own damaged relationship with Cain (Jeff Hordley) and she finds herself lying to the woman about her happy family background and her loving son and daughter.

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Wendy (Susan Cookson) overhears this and at first Faith is embarrassed that she’s been caught out. Wendy reassures her that she does the same sort of thing about her own son, Lee – a nasty piece of work who raped Victoria (Isabel Hodgins). The two women realise they have more in common than they knew.

Sally Dexter told that, ‘It’s a nice opening of a friendship there between them. In a very quick period of time they get to understand each other very well. Wendy’s had huge problems, of course, with her sons so they’ve got a lot of empathy between them which is lovely to play.’