This is the definition of living life on the edge
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If you’re scared of heights, you might want to look away now. This jaw-dropping mansion is not for the faint-hearted, since it sits on a mountain’s edge. 

If you think you could hack literally living on the edge, this could be yours for £3.9million.

The 8,398 sq ft home was built at the turn of the millennium and can be found just outside Evergreen, in Colorado.

It sits on a large rocky outcropping on Bear Mountain, opening up to the breathtaking scene of snow-capped mountains and the fir tree-filled valley below. 

The views from the mountainside property are out of this world
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Part of the mansion actually hangs over the mountainous valley below, so you really have to have a strong stomach for this one.

Still, it is worth it for the beauty. The contrast of the modern home built into rock formed by nature is a truly impressive sight to behold. 

So that’s the natural beauty you’d be basking in, but what about the house itself? 

Well, the actual mansion has been designed to accommodate the natural landscape. 

In the living and dining rooms, you’ll find boulders that the architects have built around. 

Taking a glance through the glass walls and you’ll see even more of these same boulders, giving the impression of living in some blend between outside and inside.  

There are eight bedrooms and nine baths to choose from, but none of these need to be reserved for guests. 

There’s even a Jacuzzi inside
(Picture: Jam Press/Courtesy of Compass)

Instead, they can enjoy the two-bedroom guest flat that’s been built above the garage. 

The kitchen has been built for guests, too. The spacious ovens, the island and breakfast bar make it perfect for parties or intimate dinner parties. 

The glass walls even open up to a second a dining deck if you fancy eating al fresco. 

There’s actual boulders inside the mansion
(Picture: Jam Press)

The owner of the house can enjoy the primary suite on the main floor, which has a huge fireplace, a walk-in closet and a private deck to stand on and drink in the views.  

The beautiful upper floors are stacked on top of each other, but there’s an underground floor too, that’s filled with surprising additions. 

There’s a gorgeous private deck to enjoy (Picture: Jam Press/Courtesy of Compass)

After you’ve treated friends or family to dinner, they can go downstairs to watch something in the home cinema, or relax in the sunroom’s sunken hot tub or steam shower.

If hiking the mountainous landscape isn’t enough, there’s even a gym you can work out in. 

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Also, the new owner will be living near some famous neighbours.

Known as Evergreen, this area (situated just outside the suburbs of Denver) is home to authors, athletes and musicians.

American musician and Dukes of Hazard actor Willie Nelson owned a 44-acre farm there, and so did cartoonist Berkley Breathed and Olympic gold medal figure skater Scott Hamilton. 

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