But Rachel ‘found it hard to feel safe’ on Dancing on Ice (Picture: Getty)

S Club singer and television personality Rachel Stevens, 44, on being voted for by Camilla and the power of Reach For The Stars.

You’re championing The National Lottery’s Platinum Jubilee Fund… what have you been up to?

I visited SPID Theatre Company, which has been funded by it. It’s an award-winning charity that puts on theatre productions on council estates. They’re doing some amazing things with the money they’ve been given.

I found out how they’re going to celebrate the Jubilee and could see how the theatre company helps bring the community together.

One woman I met had signed her son up. They lived in an adjoining flat to Grenfell and she was telling me how SPID has changed her son’s life, being able to express himself.

Did you go to a drama school when you were growing up?

No. I did ballet classes when I was little and dabbled in gymnastics. I loved music and dance, and would always put on shows of dance routines I’d made with friends.

Rachel visited SPID Theatre Company , which puts on theatre productions on council estates (Picture: PA)

But I was never trained in anything specifically. My training was on the job in S Club. I was so grateful for the fact I was thrown in at the deep end.

Are you going to celebrate the Jubilee?

My kids are celebrating at school so that’ll be really sweet. I went to the street party that was on ITV, which was just brilliant. But I should plan a little party as well. We need to be brought together to celebrate more than ever.

What’s been your most memorable royal experience?

Meeting the Queen when I did the Royal Variety Show, when I was doing my solo stuff. I’ve got an amazing picture of me shaking the Queen’s hand. I have no clue what we talked about. I remember thinking, ‘do I curtsey now? What do I do?’ I was so busy looking at her and trying to be in the moment.

It was incredible performing at the Golden Jubilee with S Club too. We performed with Brian May, which is just mind-blowing. Paul McCartney was there as well. We were in the middle of London, with a sea of people, and then we went back to the palace afterwards, hanging out with the royals.

Who else have you met?

I met Prince William and Prince Harry that day. I’ve met Prince Charles and
I remember meeting Camilla when I’d just finished Strictly Come Dancing. She was saying how she loves Strictly and how she voted for me, which was just like, wow, that’s pretty epic.

Rachel Stevens had some ups and downs with S Club 7, but feels incredibly proud of the group (Picture: Tim Roney/Getty Images)

What’s the thing you’re most proud of from your S Club days?

What we achieved and experienced as a whole. We had highs and lows. We worked hard and made some incredible music. My kids love S Club’s music and even kids today who have no clue who S Club were know Reach, as it’s played at schools. I hear Reach so differently to how I did when I was 19. The positive message of that song makes me proud – that’s what I want my kids to believe.

Have your kids got to grips with what your life was like?

They just want me to be mum and at their beck and call all the time, not go to work. But there are times when they’ll be super proud, such as when they came to see Dancing On Ice. And if music comes on the radio, they’ll be like, ‘Ah!’ But if I try to show them something they’re like, whatever. My eldest, Amelie, is 11 now and all she wants to do is be on TikTok.

Is she starring in the West End?

She is, although I can’t say what show. I’m beyond proud. Every time I go to see her, I think I won’t be as nervous and every time my heart is in my mouth.

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Did you enjoy Dancing On Ice?

Some of it. Some of it was difficult because I had Covid at the beginning and I broke my wrist so Brendyn [Hatfield] and I missed 10 weeks of training, which knocked my confidence. I found it hard to feel safe on the ice. But I met incredible people. I still see Brendyn.

Covid made Dancing on Ice tough for Rachel (Picture: Matt Frost/ITV/REX)

Did Jo O’Meara come to watch?

She did. I saw Jo at the Grease opening night recently. We’ll always have a special bond. We see each other hardly at all but when we bump into each other it’s like no time has passed.

You started out modelling and then studied at the London College of Fashion…

I thought I was going to go into fashion of some kind, and I came out of college and started working for some fashion PR companies when I was about 18. I thought I’d find my way but my career took a different path.

How big is your wardrobe? By the look of Instagram, it’s quite large…

I do love clothes. I love the positivity on social media – you can build a lovely community of like-minded people. I’ll do more fashion stuff because I want to work on brands. I love styling and I’d love to do more photoshoots and interiors.

My career has been diverse. S Club and my performing days were a long time ago but then I’ll do Dancing On Ice. I love being creative.

For more on SPID Theatre Company and National Lottery’s Platinum Jubilee Fund check out its website.

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