It couldn’t be simpler (Picture: Getty Images)

Where would we be without TikTok beauty hacks?

From saving time to achieving salon-worthy looks, we’ve discovered so many tricks and tips for our beauty routines.

We’ve seen a lot of genius hacks for curling hair, in particular, including one involving a dressing gown tie.

But now a brand new heatless hack is doing the rounds.

The trick, shared by fashion design student Nicole Adalina, has gone viral on the platform – with some saying it’s ‘the best their hair has ever looked.’

Nicole gets this bouncy blowout style by putting her hair in a high ponytail and securing it with a soft scrunchie.

She then divides the hair into four sections and rolls the end of the first one up to the base – using her fingers. After, she secures this in place using a bobby pin.

The student does this on each of the four sections and leaves her hair overnight.


a better heatless curls tutorial:)

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In the morning, she takes her hair out, shakes and brushes it through.

The result is beautiful professional-looking curls – with minimal time and effort.

And the simple hack hasn’t gone unnoticed by beauty fans.

One person replied to the video: ‘For the ones wondering… I did it and it turned sooooooo good.’

While another chipped in: ‘This is going to change my life.’

Someone else said: ‘Honestly the bun itself is a cute hairstyle.’

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