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This week in Home and Away, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) is disgusted to learn that Dimitri (Salvatore Coco) has beaten up Justin (James Stewart) and left him unconscious on the floor of the garage. Justin doesn’t want to involve the cops when they show up in hospital to take a statement, but Leah decides enough is enough and heads down to the station to ensure her brother takes responsibility for his actions.

Meanwhile, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) is facing mounting pressure over her financial troubles and poker nights as John (Shane Withington) begins to hassle her over not paying the rent and poker player Nathan (Ryan Panizza) begins asking her to host more events. He reveals he owes people a lot of money, and after Mackenie says she can’t do any more poker nights he staggers into Salt covered in blood…what has Mackenzie gotten herself into?

Here’s what’s coming up for the week beginning Monday 30 May.

Leah reports her brother to the police after Justin is hospitalised

Leah receives a call from Irene, letting her know that Dimitri is behaving erratically by the Surf Club. She tries to call Justin, but gets no response. Concerned, she heads down to the garage with Theo, and is horrified to discover Justin unconscious on the ground. They call for help, and Justin comes around long enough to tell Leah that Dimitri is behind the attack. As Justin is hospitalised and begins having a seizure, Leah decides that enough is enough – it’s time to go down to the police station and force her brother to face the music…

Rose and Jasmine’s fierce volleyball competition ends in a bloody nose

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Ever since Jasmine’s long lost siblings Xander and Rose have arrived in the Bay, Jasmine and Xander have quickly become firm friends and found plenty of common ground. However, Rose has been left on the outer, and it doesn’t take Xander long to notice the tension between the two sisters. He suggests a friendly volleyball match to help them bond, but the pair end up taking out their frustrations in the match – with the game increasing in intensity until Jasmine smacks a ball over the net, directly into Rose’s nose…

Mackenzie’s poker nights lead to a player being attacked

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Mackenzie is facing pressure to continue holding illegal poker nights after hours in Salt from player Nathan, who promises big spenders and even more success than before. She shuts him down, but she is faced with a dilemma when Nathan reveals he lost a lot of money at the last event – that wasn’t his to lose. Mackenzie says that isn’t her problem, but as she cashes up that evening she is stunned to look up and see Nathan staggering into the bar, covered in blood. He says the attack was from the people he owes money to, and it was just a warning – he’ll be dead if he doesn’t pay up soon. Will Mackenzie continue to play with fire and bail Nathan out of the issues he got into thanks to her poker nights?

Will Mackenzie lose Salt as Alf learns she hasn’t paid the rent?

Nathan isn’t Mackenzie’s only problem, as John heads into Salt looking flustered and tells her the Surf Club board is on his back about the fact she hasn’t paid the last two months’ rent. Mackenzie breezily tells him it’s just an accounting error and she’ll fix it soon, but it’s clear she hasn’t got the money to do so. Desperate to find a solution, she calls up the bank to ask for a loan, but she’s unceremoniously shut down. John continues to hassle her, and Mackenzie pacifies him temporarily with free meals. However, after a few days, even John is forced to draw a line and he tells her he has to escalate the situation to Alf…

Doctors tell Martha she could be headed for an early death

Martha is getting irritated with Alf’s fussing over her, and Roo worries that her mother’s mood could result in her changing her mind about the transplant. However, during a family walk along the beach, they decide to have a visit with the transplant coordinator. At the hospital, they discover they have to redo the blood work as Martha’s health could have changed in the interim. Martha struggles to hide a dry cough, and the coordinator arranges to have Logan check her out. He doesn’t seem happy with what he finds, and when the X-rays come back, they reveal Martha may never be healthy enough for surgery. They tell the family to prepare for the worst…

Dean gives Mackenzie an ultimatum as her safety is threatened

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Dean has sensed Mackenzie isn’t being honest with him, and when he overhears John hassling her about non-payment of rent, he grills her about what’s really going on. His suspicions are heightened when he also sees Nathan hanging around, and when he discovers the truth about Nathan’s debt issues he tells her these people can’t be trusted. When Felicity provides her own intel on the games Nathan could be playing, Dean is alarmed at what his sister is getting herself caught up in, and he gives her an ultimatum – if she won’t accept a loan from him to help out with the rent, she’s on her own. Will Mackenzie put her safety before her pride?

Ryder plans to leave the Bay and join a casino?

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With a new poker night coming up, Ryder begs Felicity to let him be a dealer, but Felicity laughs him off. Real players require real croupiers. However, Ryder’s enthusiasm won’t be dampened, and he ropes Bella and Nikau into some rounds of poker at the Farm House so he can practice. Initially, the couple are unenthused, but when Nikau encounters a winning streak he begins to see the appeal. Later, Ryder confesses to Nikau that he wants to become a croupier at a casino one day, saying he wants to see the world and meet new people. Could Ryder be planning to leave the Bay?

Mia leaves Chloe behind as she moves to New Zealand?

Chloe has been struggling to support Mia and juggle time with her mother alongside her work and friends. Clearly Mia has only stayed in the Bay for her, and the place is overwhelming her with memories of Ari. Eventually, Chloe tells Mia that she can’t handle seeing her grieving and she can’t be around her. Mia is shocked – how can she look after her daughter if they can’t be in the same place? Tane suggests another path Mia could take – she could leave, while Chloe stays in the Bay. Mia is left with food for thought – could leaving the Bay and going to Ari’s final resting place in New Zealand be the right decision for the whole family?