Stacey has been left bereft (Picture: BBC)

EastEnders has aired heartbreaking scenes as Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) made the tough decision to admit herself to hospital, and Stacey (Lacey Turner) has been left devastated.

Gillian and Lacey retained their powerhouse statuses with scenes that hit us right in the heart, showing Stacey trying to get through to her sobbing mum, who had locked herself in the bathroom.

The consequences of her recent behaviour, driven by manic bipolar episodes, hit Jean after Stacey was rushed to hospital.

Stacey was injured during an altercation with a distressed Jean and it was later feared that she had sustained an infection.

And previous to this, Jean’s granddaughter Lily was in danger after Jean convinced her she would get bipolar which led to the youngster taking her gran’s pills.

Bereft by the anguish she is bringing to the family, Jean retreated to the bathroom where she dissolved into tears and refused to come out.

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Hearing that a mental health worker was coming to assess the situation, Stacey arrived on the scene and started speaking to Jean through the door.

Jean sobbed that she was so sorry and told Stacey that she should be the one looking after her and not the other way round.

With the mental health worker insisting that it’s right for Jean to be admitted to hospital, a desperate Stacey tried to get across that recent events were just mistakes.

She reminded Jean about them spending time together and about her being her safe space as a child.

Realising that she needs to ‘find the best version of herself’ for the sake of her family, Jean made the snap decision to go to hospital herself.

In a hurry, she bolted out out the door before she could changed her mind and called back an apology and an ‘I love you’ to Stacey, who was begging her not to go.

Breaking down, Stacey was left in a state but can she come round to the reality that this outcome is for the best if Jean wants to get back into a more level state of mind?

And will Jean’s stay in hospital help her to get there?

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