Will is continuing to try and find out if Jamie is still alive (Picture: ITV)

Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) goes to desperate lengths in upcoming Emmerdale episodes to try to prove once and for all whether Jamie Tate is still alive.

The man Will has hired to look for Jamie, Mike, informs him that someone who fits Jamie’s description has been seen near Hazel’s house. He says that only a DNA test will conclusively prove that it’s Jamie and not just someone who looks like him.

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For a DNA comparison they need a sample from a blood relative of Jamie and Will decides that the simplest option is baby Thomas.

Gabby (Rosie Bentham) is pleased when Will offers to babysit Thomas, obviously not realising he has an ulterior motive.

Will is aware that he’s meant to be meeting Kim (Claire King) for dinner at that precise moment and she’s furious that he’s standing her up. Will hates lying to Kim but he knows he needs to get firm proof if Jamie is still alive.

He takes a sample of Thomas’s hair and places it in a DNA testing kit, which he hands to Mike.

Will the results give him the answers he’s looking for?