It was a close call, that’s for certain (Pictures: BBC)

Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) very nearly discovered Leyla’s (Roxy Shahidi) drug addiction in tonight’s Emmerdale.

Following Suzy’s (Martelle Edinborough) arrival to the village, Leyla has feared her secret drug habit will be exposed.

For Suzy, who’s now in a relationship with Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick), she’s decided to change her life and get clean, which is causing a problem for Leyla.

Wanting to take drugs to help get her through a busy workload, Leyla was annoyed at Suzy tonight, who refused to buy more coke from dealer Callum.

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That evening, as Liam returned home from the allotment, Leyla was busy working through a bunch of wedding magazines.

Informing her husband she’d probably be up all night working again, Leyla prepared a line of coke as Liam made his way upstairs for a shower.

But when Liam made his way downstairs, he called out and told Leyla he had forgotten the shower gel.

Leyla panicked and jumped up from her seat, knocking the cocaine onto the floor as she grabbed the bottle for Liam.

As an oblivious Liam left, Leyla was stressed, clearly realising her secret life and home life are now merging into one.

But is this a sign Liam will soon discover his wife’s drug habit?

Or will Leyla spiral further before Liam learns the truth?

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