James MacDougall was challenged in court by three of the vulnerable mums (Picture: Getty)

A sperm donor fathered children with 15 lesbian women despite knowing he had an incurable genetic disorder, a court has heard.

James MacDougall, 37, is said to have advertised his services through social media as he knew that having Fragile X syndrome would rule him out of fertility clinics.

The inheritable condition typically leads to learning difficulties and low IQ, and occurs in around 1 in every 10,000 people.

He reportedly signed agreements saying he would not seek contact with some of his children, who are all aged 3 or under, yet applied to the Family Court for orders allowing him to spend time with four of them, according to reports.

His actions came to light after three mothers opposed the orders, prompting a judge in Derby to revoke his parental responsibility for the children and ban him from applying to the court for the next three years.

In a rare move, Justice Lieven said he should be named ‘in the hope that women will look him up on the internet and see this judgment’, fearing that he will try to donate his sperm again, the Telegraph reports.

She added: ‘The usual approach of anonymity in the Family Courts should not be used as a way for parents to behave in an unacceptable manner and then hide behind the cloak of anonymity.’

Mr MacDougall was a complex person with learning difficulties, on the autistic spectrum, and with fixed views, the court heard.

A judge said she had no confidence in MacDougall not to try and donate his sperm again

The judge said he also had no insight into his conduct, little empathy and quickly became aggressive.

‘I do not consider that [MacDougall] has any self-control over his feelings of anger and frustration’, she continued, noting one incident when he rang one of the mothers’ partner 77 times over Christmas 2020, leading to a prosecution for harassment.

One 25-year-old woman, named only as SW, was said to have contacted MacDougall after seeing his advert before giving birth to two children in 2018 and 2020.

He reportedly gave her a dense three-page document in highly legalistic language which was difficult to read, waiving his rights over the child.

On the last page it said he had Fragile X syndrome but did not explain what this meant.

The hopeful mum, who is extremely vulnerable and has problems reading, did not read that far into the document, the judge added.

MacDougall’s condition ruled him out from applying to regular donor clinics (Picture: Getty)

SW claimed she contacted him after the birth, leading to him living with her during lockdown.

She accused him of making sexual comments to her, rubbing his erection on her and showering with the toddler on two occasions, which she found inappropriate.

She asked him to leave in June 2020 when he was reportedly arrested over claims he attacked her, leaving bruises on her neck and back.

One of the children was said to have challenging behaviour and was non-verbal at the age of three.

The judge said SW and another of the mothers fighting the family court orders were irresponsible for using MacDougall as a sperm donor without looking into him, but accused him taking advantage of their vulnerability and strong desire to have children.

MacDougall will not be allowed any contact with their children, even via post.

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