Why should we believe anything you say when it has been proven you are habitual liar, PM asked (Picture: Mumsnet)

Boris Johnson has fielded an array of unlikely question from Mumsnet users, including one from ‘Che Guevara’s Hamster’.

The Prime Minister was also asked why people should believe anything he says now it has been ‘proved’ that he is a ‘habitual liar’.

Revolutionary icon Guevara’s supposed pet wondered why Mr Johnson had dispensed with the Nolan principles when he changed the ministerial code. The PM looked around the room bemused when the username was read out and then rejected the hamster’s argument.

Following the first question on lying, Mr Johnson again looked taken aback, cracked a smile and mumbled before responding: ‘Well first of all I don’t agree with the… premise of the question’.

It comes as pressure continues to grow on the PM to quit following the partygate saga.

In the interview with Mumsnet, he also suggested that he has considered resigning and claimed he is ‘very fast’ at changing nappies.

He suggested that though he had his cake, he did not eat it at the lockdown-breaching birthday party he was fined for by the Metropolitan Police.

His own ethics adviser also criticised his handling of partygate, with Lord Geidt suggesting Mr Johnson’s fixed penalty notice may have breached the ministerial code.

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The PM has long faced questions about his relationship with the truth, stretching back throughout his career.

He was taking part in an interview with Mumsnet founder and CEO Justine Roberts, who put audience questions to the PM.

This is a pretty typical question that sums up the mood on Mumsnet’, she started, before reading out ‘Tim Booth’s Eyes’ zinger: ‘Why should we believe anything you say when it has been proven you are a habitual liar?’

The PM replied that he was getting on and ‘delivering’ what he promised he would.

‘People throw all sorts of accusations at me about all sorts of things, ever since I drove around with a sign on a bus and they have all sorts of reasons for saying that, but I think you have just got to look at the record of what I deliver.’

Ms Roberts then moved on to the question about integrity from the user ‘Che Guevara’s Hamster’.

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Mr Johnson also implied that he had considered quitting over the ‘miserable’ partygate scandal – but claimed doing so would be irresponsible amid the Ukraine war and cost of living crisis.

‘I think that on why am I still here, I’m still here because we’ve got huge pressures economically, we’ve got to get on, you know, we’ve got the biggest war in Europe for 80 years, and we’ve got a massive agenda to deliver which I was elected to deliver’, he said.

‘I’ve thought about all these questions a lot, as you can imagine, and I just cannot see how actually it’d be responsible right now – given everything that is going on simply to abandon a) the project which I embarked on but b)…’ – at which point he was interrupted.

On nappies, the PM claimed he is currently ‘doing a lot’.

The apparent insight into his parenting came after his wife Carrie gave birth to their first child, a son called Wilfred, in April 2020, before daughter Romy was born in December 2021.

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The PM told Ms Roberts said: ‘I’m doing a lot at the moment Justine, and I’m saying that without any fear of inhibition or fear of contradiction.

‘I can tell you I’ve changed a lot of nappies recently. I’m very fast by the way.’

He added that his favourite books to read to his children at bedtime were Dr Seuss books, and then began quoting The Cat In The Hat Comes Back.

He later admitted that Mrs Johnson ‘does far, far more’ than he does when it comes to sharing the workload of looking after their two children.

Meanwhile, Mr Johnson also divulged that his favourite biscuit is a chocolate digestive, after being asked about the party at which he was ‘ambushed by cake’.

The PM claimed ‘no cake was consumed’ by him at a ‘miserable event’ before responding to the unlikely inquiry about biscuits.

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