Suki was on edge throughout the entire episode (Pictures: BBC)

Viewers finally discovered some huge information about Suki Panesar’s (Balvinder Sopal) husband in EastEnders – he’s a murderer.

Ever since the Panesars arrival to Walford, we’ve learnt bits about Mr Panesar here and there, but nothing for us to really establish the type of person he is.

Prior to tonight’s episode, we knew he’s in prison serving a life sentence, and that the Panesar children often pay him a visit.

Tonight, Suki was on edge while reading a letter from the prison.

The letter in question was about her husband, Nishandeep, and under his date of birth it read: Offence – Murder.

It also revealed Nishandeep was sentenced in 2002, meaning he’s been behind bars for the majority of Ash’s (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha) life, who’s set to turn 30 tomorrow.

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During a conversation with Eve (Heather Peace), Suki asked her whether it’s possible to put a rule in place that stops someone from going near her or her family.

Suki told Eve about her husband, revealing he’s soon coming out of prison and that her children don’t know the real Nishandeep but have all built a view on him based on the little information they had before he committed the crime, prison visits and phone conversations.

Suki remained incredibly distracted throughout the entire episode and later chose to burn the prison letter – a definite mistake.

If Suki fails to organise a restraining order, will we soon meet Mr Panesar?

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