Stop the sneeze (Picture: Victoria Health/ Holland & Barrett)

May might be over, but you know what isn’t? Hay fever season.

With grass pollen levels peaking in June in what’s predicted to be a particularly bad year for hay fever sufferers, we’ve got a whole lot more snuffling to do.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to spend the entire summer with your eyes and nose streaming.

If you’re struggling to find antihistamine tablets, there are other products out there to soothe those irritating symptoms.

Many of them use natural hay fever-fighting ingredients like nettle, eyebright and spirulina.

So it’s kind of like nature fighting nature. Pretty cool, right?

Here are the ones to buy:

Haymax Pure Organic Barrier Balm

Stop pollen from getting in your eyes and nose (Picture: Mark Galer)

Smoothing a balm around the rim of your nostrils and eye bones traps pesky pollen before it causes a reaction.

Buy for £7.49 for 5ml from Boots.

Heath & Heather Organic Nettle Tea

If you don’t fancy picking your own nettles… (Picture: Holland & Barrett)

Nettle is a natural antihistamine so make tea from nettle tops (a few sprigs steeped in a pot of boiled water) or buy bags and drink three times a day.

Buy for £2.59 for 20 from Holland & Barrett.

Dr Nenninger Triple Allergy Defense

Fights hay fever as well as dust and mould allergies (Picture: Victoria Health)

For the family that sneezes and sniffles together, a homeopathic remedy for all ages. Twenty drops in water a day – easy!

Buy for £25 for 55mls from Victoria Health.

Vogel Eye Drops

Even good for contact lens wearers (Picture: Victoria Health)

Aaah! Relief for scratchy, teary eyes thanks to drops with the eye-soothing herb euphrasia in the mix. Seriously soothing.

Buy for £13.50 for 10ml from Victoria Health.

Lifestream Spirulina

This health food favourite is a natural anti-histamine (Picture: Victoria Health)

Throw a teaspoon of spirulina into your daily smoothie for energy and to help stop the release of histamines.

Buy for £11.19 for 100 grams from Victoria Health.

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