The cost of bread, milk and eggs can vary wildly depending on where you shop (Picture: Sainsbury’s/Morrisons/Aldi/Metro)

Amid the cost of living crisis, many will be looking to cut down the cost of their weekly food shop.

Inflation rose to 9% in May this year, and the price of everything from food to energy bills to putting petrol in the car has gone up.

For that reason, we’ve had a look at the prices of 10 common food and household products in nine of the UK’s supermarkets: Tesco, Aldi, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Asda, Morrisons, Ocado, Iceland and Amazon Fresh.

We searched for the lowest-price option of each particular product (including bread, milk, cheese and sugar), using each supermarket’s grocery shopping website.

The 10 supermarket items we chose to compare were:

Medium white bread loaf (800g)2 pints of semi-skimmed milkBlock of mature cheddar (350g or 400g)Unsalted butter (250g)Bag of granulated sugar (1kg)Pack of 80 tea bags (caffeinated)Medium whole chicken (uncooked)Tin of chopped tomatoes (400g)Antibacterial cleaning spray (750ml bottle)Pack of 4 toilet rolls.

So which of our supermarket baskets turned out to be the cheapest?

How much do the same everyday items cost in the UK’s major supermarkets?

A price comparison of everyday supermarket items (Picture: Metro Graphic)

Overall, we found that Aldi had the cheapest supermarket basket at £12.28.

Tesco was second cheapest (£13.18), while Morrisons was the third cheapest (£13.29).

The most expensive baskets were Iceland at £19.33, with Amazon Fresh not far behind (£18.51).

Waitrose was a few £s cheaper than the costliest basket (Picture: Getty)

Iceland’s website did show an out-of-stock £1 pack of four toilet rolls, instead of the £2.50 Andrex pack listed. If this were available, this would bring their total to £17.83, cheaper than Amazon Fresh.

Waitrose was in the upper three, but a good few pounds cheaper (£15.54). Sainsbury’s (£15.24), Ocado (£14.93) and Asda (£14.31) landed in the middle in our comparison.

Aldi offered the cheapest single tin of chopped tomatoes at just 28p – a handy cupboard staple used for cooking and bulking out various curries, chillies, pasta dishes and stews.

However, Tesco came up trumps for tea – with a box of 80 everyday bags from its own brand Stockwell & Co costing 55p.

Everyday items we looked at included semi-skimmed milk, toilet roll and a medium loaf of white bread (Picture: Metro Graphics)

With the block of mature cheddar, a true comparison is tricky as the blocks are not all the same size. Unable to find a 400g option in all of the supermarkets, some listed are a similar-but-smaller 350g. Aldi offers the overall cheapest buy at £1.99 for 400g.

It’s a similar story with whole chickens, as the exact weight tends to vary across the board – with the term ‘medium’ appearing to cover sizes between 1.2kg and 1.6kg. It was Tesco who came out on top here, with the cheapest medium chicken priced at £2.89 for 1.6kg, while Iceland had the most expensive medium chicken at £5.50 for a 1.3kg bird.

Finally, it’s worth noting that a standard pack of 6 medium eggs (not included in the table) was the same price virtually everywhere (£1) – with the exception of Aldi (89p).

Prices were compiled using each supermarket’s website and were correct as of Tuesday, May 31, 2022. 

Temporary discounts we saw weren’t included. Prices could also change over time, or could even vary depending on which shop you go to, perhaps due to your local area or type of store.

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For example, Aldi did offer a number of some slightly cheaper options, but they were listed online as only being available in their Scottish stores, so they aren’t included here.

We chose specific items and selected certain sizes/weights to compare – but they are not necessarily the absolute cheapest option you can find overall.

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You could buy smaller-sized items to save on the initial purchase in some cases – or buy multipacks in others to save pennies per item on things you use often, if you can afford the upfront cost. For example, Asda offers six budget Smartprice toilet rolls for the same £1.90 price as its four-pack. In many shops, packs of nine, 12 or 16 may be more expensive up front, but may work out as less per roll.

If you’re looking for money-saving tips and cost of living updates, head here.

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