An unfortunate stain betrayed the unlucky demonstrators predicament (Picture: LNP)

An Animal Rebellion protester who disrupted Trooping the Colour this morning appears to have been dragged through horse poo by police.

The unlucky demonstrator jumped onto the mall as part of the vegan climate protest during the jubilee celebrations, at just after 10am.

Having vaulted the metal fence, he sat down near Buckingham Palace as the marching band approached – only for officers to forcibly drag him through the mess, leaving an unfortunate stain on his trousers.

Pictures show the incident in grim detail, with suggestions that the man’s luck was out confirmed by a suspicious streak left on the Mall itself.

But activists got their message across with a series of signs and placards, some saying ‘Reclaim Royal land’.

The demonstrators have been calling for the Crown – one of the largest landowners in the country – to rewild their land.

They also want the monarchy to end its support for the meat, fish and dairy industries.

A group ran onto the mall before being dramatically tackled to the ground by officers.

Horse droppings littered the mall, and one streak confirmed that the activist’s luck was out (Picture: Animal Rebellion)

The activist’s trousers’ have not fared well (Picture: LNP)

The activist was carried away by police in handcuffs (Picture: LNP)

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The Metropolitan Police say ‘a number’ of arrests have been made.

The royalist crowd jeered as demonstrators were eventually led away by officers.

Activists told ahead of the demonstration that around 25 people were planning to interrupt the procession, but it appeared that only a fraction of that number made it on to the Mall.

A spokesperson explained that the group had used bunting, union jacks and masks of Royal Family members to blend into the crowd before launching their action.

Onlookers jeered as as protesters from Animal Rebellion disrupted the event (Picture: Story Picture Agency)

Police officers quickly detained protesters who vaulted the fences (Picture: Reuters)

One activist held a banner reading ‘Reclaim Royal land’ as the band marched forward (Picture: Animal Rebellion)

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They did manage to disrupt the marching band and hold placards reading ‘reclaim Royal land’, before their protest was swiftly brought to an end.

Some musicians, dressed in full regalia and marching in step, had to sidestep the group, some of whom laid on the ground and held signs after jumping over the metal fences.

One of those taking part, Beau King Houston, explained: ‘The royal family has had decades to lead the way on a just transition to plant-based farming and has failed to do so.

‘This transition is common sense and simple, we all win.

Demonstrators sat down and held signs (Picture: Animal Rebellion)

Police say ‘a number’ of activists have been arrested (Picture: Animal Rebellion)

‘76% of currently farmed land could be rewilded and absorb carbon from the atmosphere. This would restore nature, spare billions of animals, and present a solution to the climate emergency, all in one act.’

In a statement shortly after the incident, the Metropolitan Police said: ‘A number of arrests have been made of people who attempted to enter the ceremonial route in The Mall at approximately 10.10hrs today.

‘The arrests were public order related for highway obstruction.

‘Thank you to the crowd who showed their support by clapping our officers who returned to their post after dealing with the incident swiftly.’

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