The two-bedroom house in Tollesbury, Essex, has some rather intriguing interiors choices (Picture: John Alexander Estate Agents/Triangle News)

This two-bedroom house in Tollesbury has it all: a fireplace, fun wallpaper, and a mysterious object or being on the sofa.

Wait. What was that last one?

Yep, in photos on the property listing, there appears to be something or someone hidden beneath a yellow blanket on the couch in the living room.

Is it someone having a snooze, who the estate agents were to polite to wake up?

Is it a bunch of clutter someone couldn’t be bothered to tidy up, so instead they adopted the classic ‘hide it under a throw’ technique?

Is it a strangely shaped ghost, haunting the property market?

It’s not clear – and the Rightmove listing makes no mention of the mystery, instead noting the house’s lovely village location and the half bowl sink in the kitchen.

Wait, what’s that on the sofa? (Picture: John Alexander Estate Agents/Triangle News)

(Speaking of the kitchen, as a total sidenote, there’s another surprise visitor for the photos, this time in the form of a cat outside the window.)

We’ve asked the estate agents, John Alexander, what the mystery sofa object is, and will update this article when we hear back.

But in the meantime, we’d like to point out that we don’t think whatever the thing is will be included in the sale.

What you will get for the asking price of £250,000 is 802 sq ft of space spread over three floors in Maldon, Essex.

The property is on the market for £250,000 (Picture: John Alexander Estate Agents/Triangle News)

On the ground floor is the spacious lounge (where the intriguing yellow sofa lives) plus a garden room (which currently serves as an office space) and kitchen, all decked out in some rather vibrant décor.

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Up a level is bedroom one and the sole bathroom, then the top floor is dedicated to bedroom two.

There’s also a nice paved rear garden and off-street parking.

If you fancy requesting a viewing – if only to ask the estate agents IRL what on earth is going on in these photos – you can find out more through Rightmove.

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