People living in Guist, Norfolk, are complaining their rural view has been ruined by these massive adverts for rice (Picture: Daily Mail)

Residents in a sleepy village are up in arms after two huge containers suddenly appeared in a neighbour’s back garden.

And now those living in Guist, Norfolk, are complaining their idyllic rural view has been ruined by the ‘monstrous’ rice adverts on the trailers.

Sandra Ashmore, 74, whose fence is dwarfed by the wagons, told MailOnline: ‘Until yesterday we had a lovely view of fields and trees, but now all we can see is Laila and the rest of the trailer.

‘We got no warning about this at all, just saw these great big monstrous boxes being towed into place yesterday afternoon.

‘A lady from the Parish Council has been down to have a look and she was as shocked as me.

‘We’ve also been onto the planning authority, Breckland Council, but it appears they don’t count as permanent structures, so planning rules don’t apply.’

The containers have been nicknamed the ‘Laila trailers’, after the brand of basmati rice advertised on the sides.

They are around 15ft tall and more than 30ft long.

Claire O’Brien, 54, joked she may never eat rice again and hates the name Laila (Picture: Daily Mail)

The containers have been nicknamed the ‘Laila trailers’ after the brand of basmati rice advertised on the sides (Picture: Daily Mail)

Truck driver Carl Lake, 45, who moved the containers into his back garden, apparently told neighbours he plans to put a roof over them and turn them into a hobby workshop. He hopes to keep it there for at least six years.

Sandra added: ‘Mr Lake came round to have a look. He was very polite, and agreed that they were an eyesore.

‘The only concession he’s made it that he’ll remove the wheels, which will lower the top by a few feet, but it will still be a good deal higher than the fence.’

Sandra’s partner Frederick Cosson, 85, suffers from terminal cancer and said he used to enjoy the view from the conservatory of their house.

‘Now, even if you crane your neck, the bright green trailer nearest our fence dominates everything,’ he added.

Mum-of-three Claire O’Brien, 54, said the rear view of her bungalow was now completely obscured by the containers.

Sandra Ashmore, 74, said all she can now see from her home are these ‘monstrous’ wagons (Picture: Daily Mail)

‘I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when they hove into view,’ she said.

‘I was in tears to my sister yesterday, wondering what had happened to my lovely garden. But I’m told no one has a right to a view.’

‘Last night, I noticed Laila’s face had a ghostly glow from the moonlight or something – it was as if she was following me round the house, always able to peek over the wall.

‘In a very short time, I’ve gone right off the name Laila and told my children never to name a baby Laila, and I may never eat rice again.

‘Of course, there’s a funny side to this if it’s not your garden, I can see that, but we’re converting the back of our house for my father, who’s got severe dementia, and all he’s going to be able to see now is this awful trailer.’

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Mr Lake told MailOnline he preferred not to comment and had put the matter in the hands of his solicitor.

He added: ‘I’m not looking to bend any rules – it is my house and my property.’

A Breckland Council spokesperson told the publication: ‘Our Planning Enforcement Team has recently been contacted about this issue.

‘If a breach of planning control is established, we will determine the most expedient way of addressing it. However, we are still assessing the situation and so it is too early to say whether any planning rules have been broken.’

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