The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal will be awarded to a selection of people across the UK (Picture: PA)

The Queen is now the longest-reigning monarch in history and has spent a staggering 70 years on the throne.

Amid the cost of living crisis in the UK, many have spoken out about whether the monarchy should continue given the money the royals earn. However, royalists firmly believe the Queen and her family are worth every penny of taxpayer money given their services to the nation.

And, a Platinum Jubilee commemorative medal has been designed to be awarded, as a token of the nation’s gratitude, to people serving the country in the Armed Forces and other frontline services.

Here’s everything you need to know about the medals and who’ll be receiving them.

What is the Queen’s Jubilee medal?

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee medal was designed to thank those awarded it for their public service.

The medals feature a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on one side, surrounded by Latin writing, which reads: ‘Elizabeth II Dei Gratia Regina Fid Def’. This means ‘Elizabeth II, by the grace of God, Queen, defender of the faith’.

On the other side of the new medal, designed by Timothy Noad of the College of Arms, is the royal crest and the years spanning the Queen’s reign – 1952 to 2022.

It is made of nickel silver and features white, deep red and blue stripes on the fabric the medal is attached to.

The commemorative medal is the fourth jubilee medal created for the Queen. Previous editions include the Silver Jubilee in 1977, Golden in 2002 and Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

Who will be awarded the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee medal?

Not everyone in the chosen sectors will be eligible for being awarded the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee medal as you will need to have completed at least five full years of service on February 6, 2022.

According to the Royal family website, those who have completed at least five years of service will be awarded a medal if they are:

Serving members of the Armed Forces that have completed five full calendar years of service on 6 February 2022.Frontline emergency services personnel that have been in paid service, retained or in a voluntary capacity, dealing with emergencies as part of their conditions of service, and have completed five full calendar years of service on 6 February 2022.Prison services personnel who are publicly employed and are regularly exposed to difficult and sometimes emergency situations that have completed five full calendar years of service on 6 February 2022.Members of the Royal Household with one year of qualifying service.Living individual recipients of the George Cross.Living individual recipients of the Victoria Cross.

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