Mick Philpott wiped his eyes but never shed a tear during an emotional press conference (Picture: Twitter)

A body language expert has revealed the tell-tale signs that exposed killer Mick Philpott’s guilt over the death of six of his children in a house fire.

Siblings Jade, 10, John, nine, Jack, seven, six-year-old Jessie and five-year-old Jayden all perished in the devastating arson attack on May 11, 2012, while older brother Duwayne, 13, died in hospital three days later.

Mick Philpott and his wife, Mairead, appeared grief-stricken at a police press conference when they begged the public to help find the person responsible for starting the blaze.

But it later emerged the couple, together with their friend Paul Moseley, were responsible for the tragedy at their semi-detached home in Allenton, Derby.

Now the dad-of-17’s deceit has been laid bare in new documentary, Mick Philpott: A Faking It Special, The Sun reports.

Analysing the Philpotts’ body language at the press conference, expert Dr Cliff Lansley said: ‘The expression we’re seeing on both their faces is not genuine sadness.

‘He’s brought his brows together; he looks like he’s in pain or he’s got constipation or something.’

And Dr Lansley also pointed to a number of gestures that would not be displayed as part of a ‘genuine sadness expression’.

(Clockwise from top left): Duwayne, 13, John, nine, Jayden, five, Jade, 10, Jesse, six, and Jack Philpott, seven, all died in the tragedy (Picture: Rex)

‘(Mick Philpott’s) mouth is lifted; we’ve got this deep furrow on his cheek.

‘We’ve got the same pinch of the eyes and the brows squeezed together.

‘Emotions are unbidden, they happen to us. We don’t choose them. But he’s choosing these expressions.’

The ‘performance of fake sadness’ began within seconds of the couple arriving at the press conference, Dr Lansley added.  

Forensic psychologist Kerry Danes said the Philpotts’ ‘over the top, overacted, ham performance’ failed to fool anyone.  

‘And if the finger of suspicion hadn’t been pointed at Philpott already, this certainly made it so.

‘No one was convinced.’

Tributes outside the Philpott’s house in Allenton, Derby, pictured in April 2013 (Picture: PA)

The couple’s performance sparked police suspicion (Picture: REX)

Mick Philpott dabbed at his eyes with a tissue but never actually shed a tear for his children during the conference.

But police launched a covert surveillance operation after becoming suspicious of the couple, bugging a hotel room they were staying in.

The Philpotts and Mosley denied involvement in the fire, which was started by someone pouring petrol through through the letterbox.

Mick Philpott was jailed for life after a judge said he was the ‘driving force’ behind the plot to torch the property.

Mairead Philpott and Mosley were both jailed for 17 years.

She was released in November 2020 after serving just eight years behind bars – with critics including her own mum, Vera, saying she should have been in prison longer.

Vera vowed to disown her daughter, saying: ‘The sentence is not nearly long enough.’

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