Is Charity hoping for too much with Noah? (Picture: ITV)

Charity Dingle has gone through a lot as a parent, and admittedly much of this involved some mistakes on her part says star Emma Atkins, but at least she has some optimism.

Despite Emmerdale criminal Noah (Jack Downham) not speaking to her, it’s the hope of the dismayed mum that he won’t be going to prison.

In fact, Emma reveals that her alter ego is downright certain that Noah will ‘get off’ with the crime in court.

‘She’s convinced he’ll get community service,’ the actress told us. ‘She even says “He’ll be picking up dog poo in a high-vis for a few weeks and that will teach him a lesson.”‘

But Noah could be elbow deep in crap in other ways as he faces the music in the courtroom.

A prison sentence is a very real possibility, even if Charity has ruled it out.

Charity waits for news but she is adamant that Noah won’t go down (Picture: ITV)

‘She’s thinking something like that, he’ll kind of get off in a way, rather than facing prison,’ Emma sighed. ‘A lot is riding on it and a lot of emotion.

‘She’s got all this guilt riding around, she’s feeling this enormous guilt, this enormous worry, even though she’s convinced he will not get a custodial sentence.’

It was Charity who was the one to turn him in, knowing that it was for the best to get Noah to face what he has done.

But does she now regret her decision?

Emma mused: ‘I think she’s been faced with one of the biggest moral dilemmas she’s ever had to face in her life because it involves essentially putting Noah in a predicament where there is that risk that he could go to prison for having the information on his laptop, the images.

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‘So there is a lot of jeopardy in this. She knows how much she loves Noah.

‘Noah is obviously devastated that she’s done what she’s done so their relationship is under so much strain. he’s blocked her out so she’s feeling rejection.

‘She’s worried for his mental health and she feels the regret is beginning to surface now.’

And, to add insult to injury, she has broken the sacred Dingle code!

‘That’s the thing, the moral dilemma is that you never, ever grass up your own family,’ explained Emma.

‘Certainly within the Dingles it’s seen as an absolute no-no.

‘So I think for her to be in that situation – which she thinks it’s for the betterness of Noah, but some family members cast their own judgements and say “Never grass up your own.”

‘She’s caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.’

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