‘I encourage other women who are considering this option to do the same’ (Picture: Mercury Press)

A woman has shared how, after leaving a relationship aged 38, she decided she was done putting off parenthood for when the right man came along.

Nikki Zachariou, from Jersey, Channel Islands, was so determined to enter motherhood that she opted for single parenthood instead.

The pole dancing instructor, now 41, welcomed baby Kobi, now one, after undergoing two rounds of intrauterine insemination (IUI) – a fertility treatment that involves inserting sperm directly into her womb.

Initially, Nikki’s plan was to freeze her eggs so they’d be ready for when she met the right partner.

However, she became worried about the success rate of this route and ultimately saw no reason why she shouldn’t start a family on her own.

Nikki said: ‘At some point in my 30s, I started to feel like I wanted a baby – I would get these pangs of jealousy when I saw pregnancy announcements or celebrities on Instagram with their cute kids.

‘I felt like it wasn’t going to happen for me’ (Picture: Mercury Press)

‘Given that I wasn’t in a proper relationship, I felt like it wasn’t going to happen for me.

‘I’ve had relationships in which I stuck around for a long time hoping for a different outcome.

‘I soon realised that if I wanted a different outcome and to have a baby, I would have to walk away and move on with my life.

‘At 35, I still felt as though I had loads of time, but when I got to 36, I started to feel a lot more pressure and that maybe there wasn’t as much time as I thought.

‘Although I didn’t feel the social pressure to become a mother, I had these strong maternal feelings without a baby to direct it towards.’

Nikki with Kobi after he was born (Picture: Mercury Press)

Nikki was disheartened after the first round of IUI was unsuccessful, and became worried about the financial strains that would come with a second try.

She said: ‘I only considered meeting someone new before I embarked on any sort of treatment or doctor’s appointments.

‘But I knew what I wanted and this was to invest time and money into finding a donor and finally becoming a mum.

‘After walking away from a relationship at 38, I went to the doctor about freezing eggs as I saw this as an insurance policy.

‘My parents and friends were a bit shocked and confused at first, but overall so supportive’ (Picture: Mercury Press/Sophie Darwin)

‘After being talked through the complications and success rates of freezing eggs, the doctor said there was no reason why I shouldn’t start a family on my own.

‘I went on a few sperm bank websites and found California Cryobank – this gave me a lot of information about what the donor was like as a person and I even saw childhood photos of him.

‘My first round didn’t work, and I was really disappointed as well as financially wiped out.

‘For the second IUI, I was worried about money, further disappointment and the effect of the stress on my fertility, so I decided to take a break to look after myself a bit better and have some fun to de-stress.

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‘I got back in shape and built finances back up as this sort of treatment is very financially draining as well as emotionally and mentally – I spent £4,000 on sperm alone and around £8,000 in total.

‘My second go was a success. My parents and friends were a bit shocked and confused at first, but overall so supportive, which has been amazing.

‘I am now a proud mother to Kobi and I encourage other women who are considering this option to do the same.

‘There will always be a reason not to do something – becoming a mother fills you with all sorts of worries, but you’re stronger than you think and you and your baby will become a fantastic team together.’

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