Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) expresses his concerns to Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) in upcoming Coronation Street episodes as he starts to wonder what really happened between Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) and Imran Habeeb (Charlie de Melo) before the car crash.

This week, Imran’s life came to an end after suffering cardiac arrest.

Following the tragic scenes, an investigation was launched into his final moments as the police began to wonder if Toyah’s car had been tampered with.

When DS Swain received confirmation the car was in perfect working order, she began to contemplate whether or not Toyah had been keeping information from her.

Last night, flashback scenes confirmed Toyah drove deliberately into the building at a very high speed.

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She failed to brake and follow the curvature of the road, which gives DS Swain enough grounds to arrest Toyah for death by careless driving next week.

With Adam representing her, it now means he has to do his best to ensure Toyah faces little or no time behind bars.

Adam is worried, but will he tell the police? (Pictures: ITV)

However, as this spoiler clip shows, Adam isn’t completely on Toyah’s side.

In the cafe, Adam tells Sarah he thinks Imran told Toyah the truth about his lies while they were in the car.

Of course, it doesn’t prove Toyah murdered Imran, but Adam can’t shake the thoughts away that the couple were having an ‘almighty row’ before the crash.

He thinks the police should know everything, but if he makes a statement – what will that do to Toyah?